How can you build a purpose and stay focuse on it?

Tannis A.
Purpose comes from within yourself. You want to search to find something you want in your life and work on making that change

Gwendolyn E.
For me that is a multi step process. When I remind myself that no single action or inaction will break the flow, prevent me from or even allow me to instantly achieve my purpose than the tasks seem less daunting to me. Breaking the larger goal into tiny steps that are easy to achieve along the way. I also like to have mini check in moments with myself every other day for 2minutes or so where I ask myself how I’m feeling about the process. I recite affirmations sometimes also. Hope this helps!

Antonio W.
I don’t ducking care. I’m not having this. I am not who i am anymore, I have lived too much, given away far too much love to the wrong people, and not seen it returned. I don’t seem to want to give it to the ones that continually give me love; and I don’t necessarily feel bad about it. I always get “feel your emotions”; but I don’t seem to have as wide of a range of those as previously thought. Building my purpose? Just want to draw out the plans, boss people around & supervise them while they do the dirty work: I feel far too special to get too much dirt under my nails, regardless if I am or not. Committing to anything is just a pleasantry to me: nothing but my immediate desires seems to be worth it. Humans suck. Humans create truth, beauty then forget or refuse to revere it. Justice? Doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Aliens will judge me one way and another; and if I end up in the belly of some gigantic mythical crocodile to be digested & never remembered again- I’ll find a way to come back & make them do what I want: glorifying whatever I say they must!

Emma O.
Know what you want out of life, what gives you meaning, critically look a thing what you think initially and try to distill it into what it really means, it’s can be multiple things.

Ericka E.
I can remind myself of my purpose everyday. It should become a mantra for my life. I see now the importance of having this intentional
Attitude because otherwise we can lose focus and do things that aren’t fulfilling our purpose.

Reuben O.
A purpose is a task that is completed using a tool(s). Know who you are to fulfill your purpose. A road's purpose is to connect a place to another and ferry people and commodities by use of a means.