Have this app helped you find your purpose and made your life better. I’m in desperate need of a change in my life. I want to live and not isolate myself

Julie U.
It has. I’ve always been so introverted myself and when I’m around people, only showing the good parts of me. With this app I’ve been able to hold myself accountable in changing my patterns from not so great ones, to ones I will implement for the rest of my life. I really like doing the daily coaching and then writing an entry on there right after that I can go back and refer to whenever I need to. You can do this, you just have to set your mind to it.
Lara F.
It is funny that your question opposes living versus isolation. If by isolation you mean confinement- I will say that I have lived intermittently in a confined restricted way due to health or caregiving. I definitely feel there is plenty of living to be done in a restricted life experience. Of all the ironies after my mother just passed away and I anticipated new found freedom and liberation…I am isolated again due to the Corona Virus!!! I am using this App to squeeze as much living as possible anyway!!!
Ian U.
Ah this is a great question. I'm working on purpose as well, but find living goes along as usual anyway. I think the app has helped in that I think about this more now, and instead of just reflecting on the past and regretting, I'm slowly starting to dig deeper into why this is a problem for me and try ways that might help me work towards a purpose. It's up and down, but I feel I'm getting there.
Labell O.
I am not sure I have found my purpose as yet but this app has helped me to stay consistent in my routines, it as also helped me with the issue of procrastinating it had given me a sense of purpose one of my morning routine is meditation this is helping me to better able to find myself and be a better individual. The grateful section help me to appreciate who I have in my life and be thankful not only that it help me to reach out to these amazing individuals even my customers who just felt like I was just a supplier veiw me differently more like a friend which improves business. It has helped me to understand that life is not only about me when you give time and attention to others you feel better about yourself. I hope this helps best regards Maxine
Mathieu S.
Im not sure about mum purpose yet, but I am more positive setting on new habits.
Focusing on the positive, I have no more time to focus on the negative
Andres Z.
This app does help. But you have to do the work. It's like working out. you don't get fit by doing one workout. You need to put in the reps.
Rafique F.
This app is great. It helps you form habits. It reminds you and motivates you. From stoic. Golden triangle. Meditation. Exercises. Focus. Renewal. Happy to recommend it very highly.