Why is purpose so important?

Andrea C.
It gives you something to fight for, and when you complete your purpose you can look back with no regret and you get to feel proud.
Alex Z.
Purpose gives you direction in your life. It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up. And It energizes you when you move towards the small goals that you have put upfront.
Ab Lio O.
Answering these is more for me isnt it? Purpose is the top of the mountain or the intermittent finish line. It gives me a sight line to out one foot in front of the other.
Ilonka F.
It gives you more life satisfaction if you have a purpose..it can also help you stay motivated to do the right thing if you have a purpose that is important to you.. it also directs and shapes your life..takes out distractions. Look st your things to do list and prioritize based on your purpose..it will make you happier
Ken P.
Purpose keeps you focused. There should be s purpose for almost everything you choose to do. I think it won’t be worth the time or the effort if it’s purposeless.
Elza N.
It is the big gear in the machine, the one all the other gears turn on. It's what makes you feel like your doing something of worth. Without purpose, you float around looking for it anyway.
Nora J.
Purpose is so important because it gives reason to my existence..it allows me to live and not just survive. It lets me feel that I am a person capable of imprinting love in this world.
Ralph R.
Living with purpose makes you live and work from the heart. Once you find your purpose, you will find focus and determination. Achieving goals is much easier when what you do, is actually what you LOVE and you feel PASSIONATE about. Purpose will also guide you, and keep you from focussing on only the small, daily problems that we have to face. Taking a step each day to fulfill our purpose makes us happy and feel like we really contribute to something greater than ourselves! You can find purpose in many things: for me, it is making the world a happier place – every day. To do so, I am good to the people around me and try
to help and be kind. I love animals and nature and don’t want them harmed so I use eco-friendly en animal-friendly products, eat less meat and dairy. And a great purpose is to love myself, so I take good care of my body and listen to it. I have become more mindful!
Giovanni U.
Purpose focuses my energies and motivates. In meditation it brings higher wisdom, creativity, innovation, inspiration, ongoing initiative and motivation. Rising above obstacles and problem solving becomes easier or a matter of fact. Purpose cam be philosophical or practical and particular in nature. It can be deep and lasting, like a song of the soul, a component of one's identity, or change with each new want and need.
L Rke C.
I want to change for better. I want to achieve my goals and dreams on time. I have been down lately one day i saw this app and i try it. It's been such short time and i notice my change. Its actually amazing.
Josefine C.
Purpose drives you. It helps you get out of bed in the morning, go to the gym, have a hard conversation, and do what needs to be done. It is the ultimate energizer. It’s the thing that keeps you from giving up, from believing that you are unimportant and small. It grounds you to the world and gives you a sense of belonging. Your purpose is not who you are, but is a reflection of what you want out of life.
Leo O.
Purpose gives us something to strive towards. It’s what makes our goals, it’s what makes us push ourselves.

Without purpose, we wouldn’t evolve.

Emilie Z.
I believe purpose is important because it makes people different from one another, it’s what drives us to do great things and accomplish goals while staying motivated. Its what keep ya goin.
Clarence Z.
Because without it you have no direction. Having a purpose can pull you out of bed in the morning; bring unimaginable joy and wonder; and can help you reach all your goals.
Darryl G.
Purpose is important for me because I know
that it leads me to new insights, new places, new people. While not having purpose would leave me stuck in my old cough doing nothing day in day out
Dominik Z.
It is even debatable that there is meaning to searching for meaning… but at least it gives you something inspiring to do, and the search motivates you to improve and move forward. I don’t know if you can eventually, either find a purposeful life full of meaning (where true or made up by you, and where this is important or not, is something else), or give up trying, or even that there's no point in searching. But I at least am having an awesome time looking.
Mathilde P.
Purpose is important because it gives direction towards life and he helps give me a focus. So much chatter goes on outside, so many things compete for my attention. Some of them are good things, but they get in the way of the best thing. And purpose helps to move the best thing to the front of the line
Basile O.
Setting life goal and purpose give my existence a meaning. I walk up for a reason I set goals that took me to my purpose. I want to develope myself and others. Every morning I remember this it makes me motivated and happy My life became a blessing the universe singing with me
Randy S.
Purpose gives you reason to live. It is what we are out on this earth to do. It is the very reason we get up in the morning.
Sander Z.
Bcs without purpose you will feel like you wander in the forest of doubt endlessly. Looking for the end of it, but no matter how fast you run, how long you walk, you will get lost and never found it. The pain and the scar will make you feel more worthless.
Your purpose might be just in front you.
Victoria Z.
I believe purpose can allow you to become your true self. purpose can send you on a journey to find something. maybe to your destiny. it help me find a a lot of myself.something as small as running helped find my purpose Art just like making lines on paper has help me find another purpose. It’s practically an adventure.And everyone has their own route. It’s sad that a lot of people don’t start their routes they don’t set foot into finding answers. some people are gathering their supplies like a canteen and traveling stick and a backpack and they get out there on their route to go find answers to go find their purpose And hopefully this has been useful to you and I wish you the best of luck on finding your purpose have a safe journey my friend
Asta E.
I think is the purpose of the person which gives reason to the life of the person . 'Cause everyone is born equal ,its the purpose of a human which defines his life and what he will give to the world ,for what is he living and with what he will end . Lastly only his deeds will remain with this world and his name
Hans Jochen X.
Because it will be your compass, your guide to taking every decision in your life. If you always keep your purpose in mind, you will be much better prepared to eliminate unnecessary activities from your life and focus on the ones that matter
Anthony S.
I have found that feeling purposeless usually goes in hand with the feeling hopeless. Without purpose, there’s nothing to motivate you, to drive you, to push you, to pull you, to wake you up in the morning, and to keep you moving forward. Finding your true purpose in life isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have purpose now. Your purpose doesn’t have to be something huge either like solving global warming, it can simply to be kind.
Esther X.
Purpose leads in giving meaning to life. If there is no purpose in life, we may get discouraged to do anything nor grow in our lives. This is why purpose is very important.
Hugh W.
Purpose drives us to get up every morning . Live a day to a cause . A man with no purpose is an insult to Human evolution for he is not using the gift of evolution ie, our intellect .
Hanife F.
Purpose is what drives our existence, or at least our happiness. We feel valued when we think about our purpose and that feeling of being indispensable comforts us. It also gives us the confidence to keep pursuing our dreams. The more you think about it, the more your dreams have a chance of becoming reality.
Nina C.
purpose to me is the fuzzy Lloyd house upon the horizon which gives you somewhere to aim for and when you get lost in the storm is something to season 2 to start collecting your organization around I eat to maintain your balance
Jeremiah J.
I think purpose is important because it has helps keep a person focused on what is truly important to them. For me, attention is diverted or values can be easily compromised without one.
Valentina Z.
Gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. Purpose is giving you a reason to work toward something. An integral part of your legacy.
An Sia Z.
I think purpose is important because it keeps you going everyday. It reminds you that today is truly the only day that matters so why not be present and intentional? I think it helps create a fulfilling life with not regrets.
Anto R.
Because purpose influences everything in your life. It changes the way you feel, think, see, speak, and take action. It changes the lens from which you see the world. It can make a barely bearable job into something that fulfills and challenges you. It can turn a random hobby with seemingly little significance into a reason to get out of bed and face the day every day. It can turn a relationship that you’ve taken for granted into something that you cherish and actively nourish. It’s choosing how to live rather than being forced how to live by the silent influences of society.
Daniel G.
You need to feel like you're making progress in you're life, which requires a target defined by your purpose, equivalently something you're aiming at. Otherwise people tend to feel lost and unhappy. I.e. it's important to facilitate you feeling good about yourself and your life. Also protects you from being controlled and abused by others, i.e. if you don't define your purpose, there's plenty of people out there who'll do it for you, often without your best interest in mind.
Daniel U.
Having a purpose keeps me grounded and pushes me further when I want to give up. Gives me a reason to get out of bed. I suffer with major depressive disorder and anxiety. I loathe leaving my house. But I do. To go to work. So I can provide for my family. I’m purpose driven.
Dietlind X.
Because it gives our lives direction and meaning, and affects not only ourselves, but everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis.
Philip C.
Having a purpose is a reason for living and living more abundantly. When i have a purpose for doing something i should be inspired and motivated. When i don’t have a purpose i don’t have a goal I’m just moving aimlessly in my daily routines. I will start doing things and asking myself what is my purpose for doing this in order to develop better habits.
Tommy A.
Purpose is important because it is that light at the end of a tunnel, that motivates and encourages us to keep on moving in life.
Gwendolyn J.
A purpose gives a direction in life. I feel like a lot of times I can be overwhelmed by all the choices we are given and never knowing where to start and finding a purpose is a start and in a way, a guide
Axelle A.
If you have purpose, then you are less likely to get side tracked. It's way too easy in life to take the wrong turn & end up in a place where you aren't really happy in. That happens when you just wander along aimlessly without any intentions or goals. When you set goals & objectives, then you can stick to them & keep on the right track. Finding out what you really want from life can be easy or hard depending how stuck you are. A good starting place is to get out into nature or give back to the community, that way you can do something good whilst also figuring out what you like/ don't like or want/ don't want. Guided meditation is another useful way to find these things out. Sometimes its a case of eliminating what you don't want in your life…and by doing so, you figure out what you do want. Namaste 🙏
Austin O.
Purpose is what’s will drive you all throughout your life. Someone once told me that “will” power- just the will to succeed- will often fail you and cause you to give in to temptation. However, “why” power- WHY you’re doing what you do- will be a better motivator in helping you succeed. Purpose is the big goal that all your little tasks lead up to, and will inspire you if you keep sight of it!
Ringo N.
Thinking of your purpose regularly, reinforces your intent. Knowing your purpose and reinforcing your intentions lends focus. Focus increases the effectiveness of your energy and time.
Clifton Y.
Purpose is important because it gives direction to your life to make meaning. There will be good and bad days; purpose reminds you why you are alive during the hard ones and gives you reason to celebrate and guide the food ones. It's a loose roadmap to help you make better choices to live authentically
Jeanne E.
Whoever you are. In my experience if one does not know why they are doing a task then how they do it or if they don’t even bother does not matter so much. So if for example your purpose is to clean then do your level best to maintain bring good health and order to your surroundings.
Lucien S.
I believe we are given this wonderful life for a reason, and that is our purpose. Every one of us matters and is loved, and therefore our purpose is so important!
Amy X.
To live according to your values, to discover what your values are so you can live your most authentic and happy life. To feel a sense of ease, commitment and determination in your decision making.
Priam Y.
It is important because then I remember to have a purpose for each day. I also remember what my long term vision is for my life.
Ambre Z.
Living your life without purpose means you’re aimless, and you will end your life with no meaningful achievements. At the death bed, one would feel like he lived his whole life in vain, chasing materialistic gains that have only momentary satisfaction and absolutely no feeling of fulfillment.
Nadeshda X.
It will help me have a focus on all my oppurntities. I can reach my untapped potential with an excellent clear outline of what I need to do
Leonard X.
When you think of it, it makes you feel whole and centered. Also just thinking about it makes ask yourself questions what exactly you are doing and where you are heading. It is not just important, but thinking about purpose helps you build your guidelines and maps to a better version of yourself, which a happier person))
Andre O.
Because when you find at least one part of your life purpose, you will know in which direction you should move, what things you should focus on, and that will lead you closer to your real path, real call.
Feliciana O.
Purpose gives me a sense that I have value and in pursuing it, a sense of achievement. It gives me a direction for taking action that I feel confident I've already chosen as "good" so that I can step ahead with certainty and focus on the effectiveness of the "how".
Loris O.
If u have no purpose u have no true meaning to understanding why u are here. Every person has a purpose in life and it’s our job to reach deep down inside our soul and find it and create the life u are meant to live.
Erin J.
Knowing your purpose directs your life through tough challenges toward a rewarding goal. In the end, life is satisfying.-a purpose saves you from a life of addictions.
Ver Ssimo B.
I don’t know that we can know our purpose fully, as more gets revealed in each moment . Still, clarifying the direction we’re aiming for will help us move in that way, rather than get tugged around by distracting internal and external influences. Hope this helps.
Heidi Y.
Cuz nihilism is the degradation of The human condition
Aladdin quote by Spinoza that I feel lens itself to the topic

"Further conceive, I beg, that a stone, while continuing in motion, should be capable of thinking and knowing, that it is endeavoring, as far as it can, to continue to move. Such a stone, being conscious merely of its own endeavor and not at all indifferent, would believe itself to be completely free, and would think that it continued in motion solely because of its own wish. This is that human freedom, which all boast that they possess, and which consists solely in the fact, that men are conscious of their own desire, but are ignorant of the causes whereby that desire has been determined."

Yanis Y.
Purpose is important because it gives you a reason to keep pushing even when things look impossible. It puts things in perspective. The trials we face are a part of our purpose. It adds value to the accomplishment of your goals.
Phoebe U.
Without a purpose in life, life is meaningless and depressing.
you need to have the understanding for the reason you were created, so you can have\make goals and try to achieve them which will ultimately give you the motivation & satisfaction in life to make you want to get up every morning & work on achieving the purpose you were created!
Nora T.
El propósito es la meta final, sirve como faro cuando uno está perdido en el proceso o desanimado para reenfocarse y continuar
April P.
I think of purpose as your driving force + meaning. Purpose adds to your quality of life. Say you are a retiree and you get out of bed to feed your pets. The task was done but the driving force is caring, caretaking, and generousity. Sure we wake up to an alarm clock
But our purpose – to provide for those we love, work to improve ____, and learn 🤗
Valdirene S.
Purpose is important in many ways. Purpose allows you feel connected to the universe through the contribution of your gift(s). Purpose gives you a reason to wake up every morning, producing a goal to work towards. Purpose gives you a sense of identity.
Nathaniel Z.
Purpose is basically your life compas, if you are not clear of what your purpose is your actions might be misleading being that you don't show a constant inclination to anything,

By defining your purpose, you can align your principles and from there your actions should and will basically show what kind of person you are, here is where the phrase "your actions speak louder than you" starts to make sense.

Explore your mind and define your purpose so you can be sure that every single step, choice or action will get you closer to being that person you idealized in your mind with your purpose fulfilled.

Good Morning!

Roxane Z.
For the past couple years I believed I had no purpose, or rather, I could not find mine. Partly it was because I was looking to others to tell me what my purpose is. During that time, I almost lost my will to live. Now I know what my purpose is, and I know I am meant to be alive, I am meant to experience this being, and nobody else can take that from me.
Jonathan G.
Purpose provides us with an underlying reason for everything we do. If our existence is meaningless we feel depressed and de motivated. We look to drugs, food, spending money recklessly, unhealthy relationships, and other self destructive behaviors to fill the void in us. But with a purpose we can become driven towards healthy habits and productive pursuits, things which enable us to fulfill the things we feel called to do, destined to do, or designed to do.
Sheryl E.
In the world full of distractions like television, streaming platforms and social media, we tend to get lost in its lucrative world. And suddenly after wasting 3 years we realise, what are we doing? And now it seems impossible to fix what we lost or it seems very hard to work on it now, and we get lost in the world of depression, anxiety and many more. Now to fix this, we again escape into the world of distractions and thats life for the most. Having a purpose in life, acts like a firewall for this malwares of distractions. At best, you'll be a driven force and achieve everything you aim for and at worst, when you get caught up in some distraction you'll suddenly feel guilty since you had some task pending related to your purpose, you quit your social media application and focus on what's important. The stronger the drive or clearer the purpose, lesser the distractions, and Fabulous helps make your purpose clear and concrete.
Elia Y.
Purpose is important because it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. It makes life easier to live knowing that you have a purpose and are able to achieve that purpose. Your purpose should make you excited to be alive and breathing. Your purpose should make you feel like your are living your life to the fullest. Having a purpose will make you feel as though you are living your best life. That’s why having a purpose is so important.
Mads E.
Without purpose, I don’t really have any direction. Knowing the purpose of what I’m doing allows me to dedicate myself to it more completely. If I want to achieve my purpose, I need to complete this task.
Rafael Y.
So you have something to motivate you, to make you want to wake up in the morning and make you power through even when everything is rubbish!
Lawrence G.
You got lost in all small steps, that you forget why your doing them. Sometimes you need to self-reflect, why you're actually doing this. Often we think we know why we are doing something, but not really. We lost our purpose, our first thought (that's our purpose) when we decided to do something, especially of our end goal is years ahead.
Alix Y.
Having purpose helps to remind our why, stipulate where we are and how far to keep walking to reach the final destination. Without purpose we will get lost and cannot answer why we do such things.
Heather X.
Purpose is the spirituality and upliftment in this lifes journey. Not knowing my purpose has put me in trouble in so many experiences as a result of neglecting, disassociating and ignoring my feelings towards existence. We all have a purpose and should try to uphold our plan to fulfill or fuel our needs. I am yet to know my purpose but with fabulous, I'll be fine in no time.
Loane Z.
While you don't really need a purpose just to keep going in life, anything that is worthwhile and rewarding is a product of deliberate, focused effort. Without a clear purpose, we are simply wandering in the dark.
Svea E.
Purpose is important to me so that I feel like I am fulfilled and living my best life. It is about being a part of something bigger than myself. Being a productive human in this connected journey of life. Say my purpose was music. Me , you and so many of these enjoy music everyday. So their purpose is giving music to the rest of humanity.
I don’t feel I have a label on my purpose. I find people like to be around me. I make people feel good. I am positive and generous with compliments and advise. I try to always be encouraging and giving. I think this is my purpose. That’s what I have found so far. I might find another or more eventually but for now that is fine. It might be something we are always searching for as far as I can tell.
Kelly U.
It’s difficult to make specific goals without having a purpose in mind. Right now I’m struggling with finding my purpose in retirement. I believe my first step will be to declutter my house and that will help me think more clearly. My living space looks chaotic so it’s hard to focus on anything else. Good luck 🍀
Celina P.
In my point of view, a purpose is that thing which will define what's important to your life and what's not. Therefore, it is essential to each one of us to get a clear a purpose of one's life. That way, we can make clear and concise decision no matter the challenges.
Frank X.
Purpose is important because it allows you to look beyond yourself and your own needs to a bigger picture. When it is just about us…ego is involved. When it is about helping others we are serving and helping others to fulfill their dreams and live a life they value.
Rosvita Q.
Purpose is important for several reasons. First it gives you direction. Direction is important because it is far to easy to feel lost in the storm of distractions, responsibilities, problems and opportunities that greet us each day. Having a purpose will help keep you going in the right direction towards your goals and a more self satisfying life. Secondly purpose gives you a moral foundation. It becomes the stable ground you can stand on when you are faced with opportunities that present something you would like to have but at the sacrifice of something more valuable such as integrity. For example your best friends significant other wants to sleep with you for $3000. While the money is nice or even if they are hot and you pay them you are sacrificing the ability to look yourself in the eye and say you are a good and loyal friend. If you have kids you are setting a bad example for them even if they never found out. It’s a matter of integrity. Purpose offers a moral foundation that can help you be more firm in your decision against such temptations.
Lastly purpose gives your life meaning. You can’t take money, things, or even people with you when you die (excluding action movie like scenes of taking enemies to the grave with you ). So having a purpose really helps give a meaning to not just life but specifically YOUR life. The purpose you lived for is what will remain of you after you die.

I personally feel it’s okay to have several purposes you enjoy. Just make sure they feel right with you.

Dean S.
Purpose is important to me to give me a sense of direction. To make me feel happy and fulfilled. To feel like i’m contributing in my best way possible.
H L Na E.
I think purpose gives you a sense of direction in life. Focused action will always lead to greater results than average rather than dispersed actions
Juno Q.
Having a purpose gives one a reason to keep striving, a reason to ensure the struggle. Enduring the struggle is what leads to results, to change. Therefore, having a purpose can lead to results and change by not giving up.
Sofia E.
When you get in the car why is important to know where you want to go? To avoid wandering aimlessly, spending time, energy and resources.
Richard J.
Purpose is about having and knowing what your role in this world. To have purpose it means you are living the meaning of your life and giving colours to it. Knowing your purpose is important because it clarifies our thoughts and gives us the will to work.

In summary, purpose creates the persons life. It is like a goal but more of the journey part because it purpose is the process of life.


Shane T.
Purpose motivates you makes you hungry for success and if you remember the nice feeling happening after that you can't stop running for that
Line Y.
My day felt unfocused and frustrating, but when Fabulous reminded me to pay attention to my larger goals, things that make me happy, the rest of the day had a lightness to it. It’s easy to forget to do the things that make you most happy.
Louisa P.
So that you have the motivation to keep going. So that you know what it’s all for, why you get out of bed every morning and get to the grind.
Ma Lie Z.
The purpose that i have given to this life experience is to live it to the fullest while being in the Presence ( or in the Influence)of all encompassing Lov3.
Chiara F.
Knowing your purpose is the best thing that will keep you ticking daily, and make you look ahead in life.
When time knocks at old age door, you smile and you never regret with… oh no!!!,,, what if I could have…!!!, etc. etc…

It will take time. Some are lucky to have stumbled upon it, while for some, it can be a long journey into years. Don't give up, be patient, introspect a lot, learn to unlearn and try new things.

Find your purpose and it will fire you up to everlasting happiness and success.

All the very best on your Journey. 😊👍

Cl A Q.
We as human beings have minds different from all other things in our world because we are of a higher order, the highest of all
others and because of this our intellects dub us the responsibility of watching out or taking care of our surroundings and our selves. If this was not our purpose from our very inception then our main purpose must have evolved over time, but I personally believe as time has progressed up to the present, humans endeavor to make the best of life and want their lives to ultimately go on forever as well to benefit their progenies after them.
Filippa W.
It gives me a reason to keep pushing. I suffer from depression and anxiety which can be crippling. Knowing my purpose gives me the will to keep living.
Ella W.
Makes me get up of bed every morning. Keeps me out of depressing feelings and feelings that I don’t want to live anymore.