What do you do on days where you aren’t so sure about your purpose, or when you discover this isn’t really the purpose you want to live for?

Andrea N.
I am always inspired by the existentialist ideas that life has no meaning other than that which we give it. It means that the question of purpose is far more open ended than we realize. I was not born with a purpose, so much as I was born to create my purpose. The most basic purpose I live with is to give meaning to my life worthy of the time and space I take up. This is a meta purpose that makes it easier for her to move between more specific goals without feeling lost or or rootless. I can experiment or change all while still moving towards the same basic goal.
Tristan Y.
On days when I'm feeling uncertain, I focus on practicing acceptance of the present and just existing. I find that when I let go of resistence and completely let go of trying to control things, ideas come into my mind naturally and I feel more motivated to work again.