Yes, I would like to know how to hear what my inner voice tells me.

Lilla G.
Listen well! Try clearing your head with meditation or listen to music or write thing down and then at some point you will hear and understand it better and better. Just start small.
Mathilde F.
It takes lot of time. Took me years because first you need to figure out yourself of things you think, love and even if you think appearance is something that makes feel like yourself.
Emma X.
Sometimes I write a kind of journal entry, usually when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, and I try and be absolutely honest in it. I’ve noticed at the beginning I usually slightly lie to myself, like using the kind of catchphrase feelings I use in speech. But I try to notice when I do that and phrase it again describing exactly how I actually feel. I’ve found after I did it a few times there are patterns to the way I react and think, I guess it gave me a clearer understanding of my inner voice.
Robin N.
I’m wondering if I can really hear my inner voice since my thoughts are screaming negative things all the time. Maybe I could overcome those negative thoughts by learning to listen to my inner voice again. Then I can be more spontaneous and outgoing instead of forced and absent.