Have you ever talked about what is your purpose to a friend?

Rachel R.
In short no … why because I have few friends I would consider friends that I would discuss these thoughts with. We do comment there must be more to life when we are work but outside of work I don't have many friends I see and I'm not very close to any of my family. We've been in lock down now for nearly 3 weeks and I've reached out to a couple of them but not a single one has been in touch to see how I am. Perhaps I just don't need anyone.
Michelle O.
Oh yes, but be sure the friend you choose is somebody you respect and importantly who respects and values you! Mel Robbins talks about a dream team, 5 people, whether local or online, even one or two heroes you look up to, each with a different role in the team, to reflect with and learn from over your purpose. Search YouTube for best decade ever by Mel Robbins… It's free and it's still relevant even though it's not January! Also don't be too quick to take advice from somebody who you wouldn't wish to exchange lives with… ๐Ÿ™‚
Ann Z.
Not yet because I'm still looking for my purpose. But when I find it I will probably share it with my close friends because they will be able to validate my purpose since they know me very well. They will also be able to support and encourage me.
Morgan N.
Yes I have. My purpose is to grow & be a better person. My purpose is to be there for others but also myself & myself first.