If my passion is helping people will this also be my purpose or am I mixing the two up and need to have a clearly defined purpose ?

Sol Ne E.
Think of it this way, before you can truly, effectively help others you must begin by helping yourself period stick with the basics. otherwise, you must always will fail by the mere act of overloading your body, mind and Spirit by too many chances too much help but an unstable base. you certainly can push yourself to help everyone on your list first, and cram your personal needs in at the very end. But don't you think that you would be seriously spreading yourself then? you certainly can't keep up the pace of a constant source of assistance to everyone but yourself. Set out a clear, define purpose to help yourself self-care, meditation, hygiene, social friends, online meetings and even a clear to-do list for both yourself and those you want to help that day.

Jie P.
Passion and purpose are two different things. However, purpose would project your passion and support action. In brief, purpose is higher than your passion with an ultimate goal. Passion is related to your nature, gift of talent. However, Your passion may lead you to discover your purpose. Try you best to align these two together. You will find the link.

Randy J.
Your passion guides you in your purpose. Seek to clearly define your purpose. You may have many passions and they will help you both define and live your purpose. Their are so many ways to help people. It’s an awesome passion. Find ways to focus it and give it greater meaning in your life.

Craig W.
Well, that can be your purpose, but it’s good to understand if you don’t eventually want or need to narrow down the field. You want to help the whole world? Go and demonstrate with a list of problems you want to address and one of solutions. Gather other allies. Want to help yourself? Take a nap. Want to move souls? Learn how to be kind and smart. Want to show them there are other ways to do business? Make a documentary, organize a neighborhood meeting, read more books.

Jovan C.
Well i believe that not every passion is a purpose but if you want that to be your purpose it's an easy switch to be made.