How do you know when you’re ready to have kids?

Zachary N.
After many discussions with my wife and after looking at our future financial situation. Then most importantly when the time felt right for us! Family life is great!!
Evelynne O.
Usually, my belief is when you become pregnant. The mindset, of course must be changed from me to we, or if married our family increase. All of us make plans for our lives, but there's a bible proverb the says "man's mind plans his way but the LORD directs his steps. So, it's always a good idea to be responsible in your relationships since what tends to go around comes back around again!
Anastasiia F.
It’s a good one) And it is awensome that you question whether you are ready! I think that you are ready when you are willing to accept whoever they become, and not try to convince them to follow a path (profession) that you want them to.
Other important thing is something that I heard once and was powerful: you are ready to have kids when you got rid of your own childhood problems that once created your insecurities, so you don’t project any o those on your kids’ upbringing.
Also you are ready when you know how will you bring them up. Starting with what values you want them to believe in and finishing with whether or not they will make their own bed in the morning. Some people tend to not understand that upbringing a child means actually teaching someone to be a human, and that it is something that you want to learn about. There are plenty of books, online courses that teach you to be a parent.
And finally when you are ready to dedicate a lot of your time to someone. To get to know this someone, to make this someone a good person. Remember that this is a whole new individual in your life. And she or he needs you, your time, your attention, your affection, your advice, your hugs)
If nothing above confuses you – you are ready!