how you handle your emotion freely and how to speak up for yourself

Casey C.
i usually remain open but also boundaries with my speech, i got to maintain a component of balance when trying to solve my issues and create a better answer or outlook on the situation.

Casey C.
handeling emotion can be difficult when manipulation speaks for itself but when centering my ability to maintain focus and breed positive alliance within my already positive self , it helps regain life in a better standing

Isabella F.
Start by recognising your emotions, it’s easier in retrospect but then you start to recognise physical changes to your body and you’re thoughts that appear with certain emotions in the moment, whatever you recognise, write it down and reflect on it next time you remembers felling like that. Whenever you are ready, start by being honest with someone or a few close people who you trust and know respect you, in the moment tell them how you are feeling, if you feel stressed, scared, anxious, and ask them to accept that is how you are feeling, allow yourself to have these emotions, process why you might be feeling like this and then move on. Build your confidence with people you trust and who support you and hopefully you will feel confident to speak up for yourself to others. Know that you are not the only one worrying about this.

Candice P.
Honestly, I do not show my emotions to others freely. I keep certain ones to myself, but some emotions comes out freely. I think one way to handle your emotions is to identify it. Identifying will enable you to think of was to handle the emotion. Sometimes, emotions Cane affect the way you try to speak up for yourself. If you are scared, speaking up for yourself is like facing something you know is impossible to face, which is in this case, not being able to fully speak up. Carrying yourself with confidence is the key. You don't have to immediately have a high level of confidence. Start small. Start with simple tasks that will enable you to speak up confidently. For example, taking to a mirror, taking to stuff toys, talking to people you are comfortable with, etc. Slowly build up that confidence, and soon enough, you will find yourself speaking up.

Tannis A.
I think before I speak and choose my words wisely that have meaningful thoughts that are not going to be offensive to others

Sharday C.
Well I Kno that no one knows how your feeling unless you say exactly how you feel. So to keep yourself happy even if you feel your not doing the right thing it's only because we're human an we share empathy with others, that's why you feel that way. You know what makes you happy so u should always express yourself.

Alida U.
i try to let go of the things what i can’t be so it can ease the bad things that is going through in my mind. i also try to remind myself that i’m doing great,i will do better on tomorrow

Kitty F.
I usually focus on my happiness. Whenever I am angry or worried or sad, I just think that, can this give me happiness. So I focus on the things that give me happiness.

Valentina Q.
Waiting a second to think about your emotions as it overflows and keeping in mind that my peace is what i need the most to do anything i want in this journey, so i have to speak it loudly!

Susan Z.
For my entire adult life I have been practicing delaying my outward reaction to “upsetting events”. It is a conscious effort to “just hold on a second” and not let my first reaction interfere with the problem, or derail a solution. Usually things are not as bad as they initially seem, and a bit of time allows me to formulate a better response. This allows my to speak with confidence