What does it mean to have purpose?

Roland Z.
To have purpose is a will to keep moving forward and grow in your life to become the better version of yourself every single day.
Antoine W.
Good question, don't know it either. Having something that might remain after you're gone maybe. Like children, a company or an idea (book)…but also the enjoyment of the moment I think Nietzsche talked about every moment being repeated in eternity so every moment is infinitely important. If you live the moment in happiness you live infinitely happy or something like this haha…as always purpose starts with the search for it and that's a lifetime job. Read Faust by German world literature author Goethe. He is searching for all of this as well…
Tracy Z.
Quoting from the letter, purpose is “a significant reason beyond the immediate for doing what you do.” I want to build a life that benefits me and those around me. My skill set and my passions for joy, beauty and absurdity are tools I can use to fulfill my purpose. When you can choose to do most anything, I find it overwhelming. It’s easier to find actions that line up with my passions and purpose and choose from those I can start now.
Capucine Q.
Determination to make an impact. Motivated to achieve that goal. Inspiring and being inspired. Waking up in the morning ready to take that step closer to who you are meant to be. Remembering that you’re doing this for a reason. You do you. It will all come together.
Otfried M.
I think it means that you can recognize that there’s a reason for you, there’s some positive outcome from your existence or from your actions that can be measured in some way.
Antonina C.
To have purpose, is to find meaning in waking up. To spring out of bed, with a goal at the forefront of your mind and the tenacity to achieve it. Life without purpose is rudderless, it’s soulless. Find a purpose, find meaning, and you will find unspeakable joy.
Maxine F.
Having a purpose means
1. You know yourself fairly well and understand what your values are, what your beliefs are, what you want from your life.
2. You are clear about where you are and where you want to go and have spent the time thinking about why you want to get there. You have connected with the empowering, joyful, freeing emotions you will feel once there.
3. You have a plan on how to get there from here and enjoy the journey on the way.
Milton S.
To now have this purpose in my life has given me direction to where my destination is and what I need to do. To know that I’m being guided through the process makes my purpose more meaningful and stronger as I know this idea of from the divine which has manifested into my life after my several request for freedom. My purpose has allowed me visit so many countries, discover different cultures and religions, grow my spirituality and most importantly have the most amazing experiences which I’m sincerely grateful. I am looking forward to launching Meyraki and then enjoying the next path which again will be filled with beautiful and touching experiences. Allowing me to make that connection and truly help and empower women around the globe in a way no other brand has. To know that my purpose has lead me to the creation of a luxury brand is also really exciting as my purpose is reaching for skies and it’s full of bountiful amount of abundance in every possible way. I am so grateful and thankful to have now received this and more
Babette Y.
Having a purpose is what motivates you to get out of bed and keep going even when you feel like you can’t. For me, my purpose is being a good mom to my daughter now and making sure she is set up for a great future later. My purpose is to get up in the morning, go to work, and also be as good as possible at my job. “If you have dreams and you plan on how you are going to achieve those dreams, then you have a purpose.”
Stephen O.
It’s an underlying vision and methodology for living. It makes life more simple and brings clarity to every minute of every day. Ultimately it is the freedom to live the life of your dreams.
Matteo Z.
I read a book called, "Find your why" by Simon Sinek. I did the exercise and found what drives me and what brings me joy. You have to do the exercise with someone and it can be quite emotional. Since finding my purpose and reminding myself of it, I know how to be more joyful in every day life. My why is 'To create an emotional connection with people so that they know they are loved and cared for and can enjoy the current moment. ' It's always being tweaked but it brings me joy when I know I have helped someone and brought joy to their life, even a little, each day.
Louisa P.
Purpose is something that you believe in, or are or feel you need to do. It is NOT work or anything man made I've discovered (for myself). I believe if you meditate and stay open you will find your purpose.
Clifton R.
A reason to sit up in bed in the morning – even if it’s a small one. That one (or more) thing flickering in the back of your mind that makes you want to go a little further or push a little harder. It’s always going to be hard, but that one small thing makes it all worthwhile.
Laly S.
Have a long-term goal in life. Mine is to live to 100 so I can enjoy my own life to the fullest and see my children and grandchildren enjoy their’s. It’s also a purpose for the day, a reason to get up in the morning.
Leo G.
Having purpose may means to set a goal for actions, care about it, and keep adjust your approach toward that goal. Whether you think about a single action or extend it to every action in your entire life. For example if you set the goal of your study in college to be the first rank student of your college, you've decided to reach to this point at the end of your study, so you start to plan your daily routine and attitude to approach day-by-day and while-by-while to your set goal.
Edgar T.
Propósito é o significado que se dá a cada decisão, cada ato, cada silêncio. Tudo encadeado é direcionado constitui o propósito.
Slavica X.
I think it means being in the moment and acknowledge that we are human beings, not human doings. Our purpose to be fully present in the moment and savor the experience of each moment
Sophie U.
To have a reason to get out of bed in the morning – to really live and experience life and not be a prisoner in your own existence
Rachel P.
Purpose for me is everything, purpose isn’t hat strength that makes you get up in the morning, is the energy that takes you through a rough day. Purpose is what you look up too, why I’m I doing This? Purpose is the answer to that question.
Victor C.
Having a purpose for what you do is like having a flashlight to see in the dark, eventually you will find your way to where you belong.
Felix N.
For me thinking about having purpose causes me to reflect on a TEDx by Emily Esfahani Smith so for me having purpose is about living a meaningful life that matters, where you do something which is bigger than yourself and which contributes to others
Alicia E.
Purpose isn’t a job or a hobby.. purpose is what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.. if it’s to stream your gaming channel then that’s your purpose.. if it’s to help people get better then that’s no you’re purpose.. purpose is something that doesn’t change on the basis of remuneration or rewards.. it’s a simple choice.. maybe you love trekking.. and it excites you a lot.. and it’s your goal to trek all the major peaks in the world.. and you have a desk job.. so your purpose may feel like you are at a clash with your life.. but not necessarily.. you could go to work with the aim of excelling there so that you earn well to afford your trips.. that’s how you have to merge your purpose with your career if they aren’t the same.. if they are.. you are among the privileged 😊
Edna Z.
Excellent question. I’m not sure I know the answer. I feel as if it is something that drives me more than other responsibilities.
Maria Y.
Without purpose, there os no point in learning these Fabulous routines. Purpose is the reason you're doing them. They will keep you strong so you can serve your purpose.
Dorian Z.
To have purpose is to believe that there is something greater than the day to day. To have purpose is to matter. To have goals. Believe you are here for a reason. To achieve a sense of contentment is to have purpose. To have a desire to leave a mark
Leon O.
What you do outside of yourself for the greater good. My job is a beauty consultant. The purpose of my business is to help men and women feel and look there best.
Robert C.
A purpose help you go through life! A purpose gives you the needed energy to act. It’s important to spend time thinking about the meaning of your life and the purpose you can have.
Gerry P.
I think that having purpose means both recognizing that life is much bigger than our own existence alone, and yet at the same what we do with our existence has a ripple effect within the universe. We are here for a reason, and we have the ability to make a difference and impact the world around us.
Tom S.
To live with joy and peace within yourself and your environment. Having purpose makes everything you think and speak positive and keeps you going.
Sarah O.
To know who you are, where you wanna take yourself and dreams if you are dreaming. To have a respect for live and all it gives to understand your purpose and life’s purpose as well. To just be you
Edgar C.
For me it's a ways to motivate me to do necessary thinks in life the importance of doing or not doing something. So I'll be constantly trying to improve .
Gertrude T.
To me, having purpose is following your dreams. Do you want to travel the world? Make that your purpose! For some people their purpose is not their dream but is something that pays the bills or makes others happy in small ways. There is no possible way to give an objective definition to having purpose because for each person it can have a different meaning. And that’s the best part: you can paint your purpose to whatever you want it to be.
Maxence T.
To know that each day you are valuing the life you have been given, you want to look back on your life and feel good about it, knowing you did what you love, and gave as much as you could!
Pablo Z.
To have a purpose is to give yourself incentive to keep striving forward no matter how many obstacles come your way
Life is a journey take the good with the bad
Let the bad be a learning lesson and remember to change how you do things to improve more positive results

Having a purpose even during the darkest times helps the mind to remember the good and strive toward getting out of the darkness and refocusing reframing the mindset

Setting goals helps to maintaining a purpose
Writing short term goals or daily goals the night before helps with keeping a purpose in mind

Surrounding myself with positive like minded individuals helps with purpose

Elouan U.
Whatever you want it to mean. I believe that for the most part, life has the purpose we give it, there is no one inherent thing that will drive ones life and purpose equally across all people. What it is that makes you feel accomplished, proud, giving, and fulfilled can give one a purpose. But I also believe that purpose can change over time through experiences and growth, and for it to change with you is to show you’ve grown yourself. Life is ever changing, as are we.
Helene F.
It means to become aware of what drives you to become a better version of you, for instance maybe you enjoy playing the piano or writing or taking nice pictures. Think of Whatever qualities of expression you enjoy doing in life. What becomes easy to you? Maybe it is easy to you solving math problems , or explaining concepts (teaching / communicating). Then , try new things related to that passion of yours and you'll likely find out what your purpose in life is, what contribution you have to the world. A friend of mine lost her little sibling to an accident. And after several months she discovered her purpose, her drive became advocating against the malpractice that carried her brother out of this world, so that no more children die the same way.
Fredo F.
To me at least, purpose is defined by the individual goal you set for the day. What is your goal for each day? Your purpose?

It’s an unfairly broad concept for us to seek purpose in LIFE without an understanding of the step-by-step. So… I would ask myself what is my purpose for TODAY.

Willard Y.
To have purpose means becoming more aware who you really are. Every issue in life requieres solution, which brings closer to who you are. There is a comprehensive mission you bring with our appearance on Earth, but fulfilling it we execute small purposes. To forgive somebody is a purpose in itself for moving forward to better life and improving who you are. Closer to your soul’s core. Meditation is helpfull for that 🙏 But being open for everything and not being affraid to admit our own failures brings us closer to our universal purpose, but is a purpose in itself. What do you need to fulfill, find out, make better in your life?
Cathy I.
For me it's about having a drive to do certain things, it gives meaning, it gives you a why. It can guide you in the choices you need to make.
Manuel P.
To have a purpose means to have a sense of drive that helps you accomplish your goals in life. A tick that keeps you going and doing the right things.
Lia U.
Having purpose means knowing yourself, knowing your priorities, and aligning your behavior with your desired outcome. Having purpose directs your action to support your goal or intention.
Benjamin E.
Purpose in my life is a reason to wake up and greet the day with anticipation, a reason to keep going when things are rough, and a map to guide me in setting goals and priorities
Estelle Z.
What do you think you are born to do? What are you great in and how can you do things to get a great life. Do what you love and think how that influences others.

One of my purposes is to help people to make them happier and feeling good.

Byron T.
To have purpose is to understand there is something more than juat self at this moment but beyond. Purpose becomes what you care for everyday. It's the magic you bring alive as you give to yourself and the world each day.
Mel Nia F.
To have purpose is to have a meaning to your life. You work hard to reach a certain goal and you really aim for it. It's the reason of your motivation and when you grab on to it you feel satisfaction.
Laila A.
A purpose is what will make your life better, make the time you have on this planet easier and more enjoyable. It makes you think about what it is you really want in life, and by doing so it makes you think about how you want to treat other people. My purpose is to ensure my children are healthy, happy and well rounded as that would make me the happiest. There are many little steps to take to get there and my first one is to clear out my house – making life much less stressful for us all
Marcus C.
Having purpose means you recognize your core values and choose to live in ways that enable you to live out your values. For example, I value empathy and compassion so I moved into a field that gives me many opportunities to work with people who are chronically/crritically ill. I also value learning so it is important for me to explore new ideas and set aside time each day for those pursuits.
Ca Co Z.
A purpose if the feeling that you are doing something valuable and something that expresses your particular talents and passions into a productive and meaningful activity that gives you a meaning in life and the feeling of contribution to the planet and humanity
Johnni T.
At the moment I feel that this lacking in my life and I hope that by unlocking my purpose it will empower me to be more resilient and be more gritty with dealing with life.

I’m usually gritty anyway but I keep letting the petty behaviour of others affect my attitude.

Purpose will help me rise above the smallness of things and focus on the more important things I need to spend my energy on.

Sarah Z.
Set your intentions. Follow through them and be in content where you are now, so you are not always wishing for something you’re not yet. That only causes you to stress more, wonder more and sit in anxiety. Be happy in the now, now is your purpose, while working where you want to be in life. Everyday has a purpose that will eventually led you to your future self.
Caroline R.
Purpose is WHY I do something. My 5 passions is how I get there. My purpose is, despite having two autoimmune illnesses, to be healthy. My health is the key to feeling good and when I feel good I do everything better and I am a better partner. Happiness and a calm being is something I wish for myself and those around me, it is worth working hard for.
Zdenka S.
When I think about purpose, I think about motivation, passion and meaning. I believe everyone has a role in the grand scheme of things and this is their purpose.
Patr Cia C.
Having a purpose means knowing yourself, what is your true spirit, how you appeal to others, what soothens your emotions and what makes you continue doing things that complicate ypur life..
Elia F.
To have a purpose is to have a reason to go forward and discovering a deep ability to change and explore new boundaries.
Carlos P.
It means to feel motivated from the inside and feeling your work is aligned with what you autenthically are and what you want to achieve
Alison E.
I liked the definition of having a significant reason beyond the immediate for doing what you do, I haven't gotten there yet, but this path has been enlightening for me because it's shown me how my whole life that I've focused on the problem at hand and been in survival mode. My purpose now is to find what drives me.
Brooklyn Q.
Having a purpose is about understanding the life, existing and where is our location in this universe. Once we try to find ourselves we begin to learn more about life and ourselves. Then we start shaping our understanding into thoughts and bring our thoughts into a being which creates 'the way we live'. Shortly, purpose is how we dedicate our existence.
Jorge S.
To have a purpose means a purpose for a life, And to have a purpose in something very special. It means that you have your own reason to live and that you can take inspiration of this, and say: "I have a purpose in this world, I have a reason to be here on this earth, this is why I was brought into the world!".
Jannis U.
A purpose is a higher goal. Something that makes you get up in the morning. All your actions should aim at making your purpose a reality. It is what you are living for. What gives you meaning in life.
Gabriel J.
To me having a purpose is everything. Do things with intentionality means I have direction with the things I do, therefore I get to make some sort of impact.
Debbie N.
Finding something you really enjoy doing and want to pursue in the knowledge of it. Then from there you can develop new ways of how to express yourself, incorporate others, or anything that you could think of.

Kinda just finding something and running with it, ups and downs and all.

Samantha E.
It means to be goal oriented, to have understanding what we are doing and what for, to get structured.
All this leads to success and abundance sooner or later.
Small steps do value. Small tasks for high purpose as well.
High purpose motivates and opens additional source of power/energy.
Ad Le O.
Why are you on this planet? What do you feel called to do (doesn’t have to be job related) in this life you have? I.e. to serve the homeless, to raise children, to love your family, to share you gifts: art, music, writing, intellect e.g. is there anything specific or general you feel in your soul you’re supposed to do?
Gene P.
Navu namma guriya bagge yochane madolla. Madidaru kelavusala matra , so e exercise maditation yella yak madbeku sumne time weast annisutte so hadara harivu hagabeku Andre navu hadannu baredu Dina odhabeku . Avaga yake ha kelasa made madtivi. Success hage hagtivi
Ruben Z.
Having a purpose gives you drive and motivation and gives you a reason to get out of bed everyday. I felt what it's like to not have a purpose and it's lonely and scary and hopeless. I still have to remind myself of what I've figured out I'm here for. It's still hard to get it done and done days are worse then others. But having a purpose can changed all of that.
Heinz Otto O.
Your purpose is your inner most mission that serves as your north compass and helps you to identify all the things that make you feel alive fulfilled and aligned. It is your "why"that drives every decision and choice you make. It's the why that should go unspoken and show in "what" and "how" you do things.
Lya O.
For me it is a reason to get up in the morning – goals, long-term goals and short term goals. For instance my long-term goal is to be healthy and happy enough to live a fulfilling old life and to see my grandchildren get married and have their own babies. My short term goal might be go through my closet today and take out the clothes I don’t want anymore. I try to make my short term goals practical and/or social and/or to be something I’m passionate about.
Virgil P.
To have purpose is to live a meaningful fulfilled life and allow you to know what to do next what you want in life next and who you want to spend it with purpose is not always about financial freedom the more about being happy all the time knowing what’s next how to do it brings comfort and awareness to your every day life
Ella W.
It means that there is something to track the life’s progress against. The purpose provides the drive and sense of progress. It means to have a feeling you are living mindfully.
Alice E.
Purpose is what drives you. It's a goal that you want to get up every morning and fulfill. It's why some people spend their whole lives invested in something because that is their purpose. A reason to exist.
Evaristo Z.
It means that you give your life a purpose, something you live for, something that you do everyday to make yourself better, for you.
Angelika N.
Having purpose means having something to live for, means having a goal or set of long-term goals that drives us forward.
Z Lio Q.
Good question!

Each day recently, I’ve been practicing the habit of thinking about my purpose. It has been nice, because what I’ve been doing is giving myself a “goal statement” for the day, to go back to when times get rough.

Having a purpose is like having a lighthouse at the end of the road to look at when you get tired, when you falter, and when you wanna quit. All you have to do is think of your purpose, find strength in it, and persevere through the end.

My purpose today, for example, was “Just keep trying for your good habits.”

You might mess up, but just keep trying. At the end of the day, It is easier to be happy having fulfilled that purpose.

Then, sleep deep, and start again tomorrow

Armando Z.
A life of purpose is a life that feels ‘right’ for you.
It’s a life that recognizes everyday problems are bigger lessons meant to support your growth. It’s a life that strives to uncover and learn as many lessons as possible.
A life of purpose is a life that supports others in the process; a life that recognizes the interconnectedness of everything, and honors that connection. It’s a life that searches for the intersection of ‘what it’s good at’ & ‘what the world needs’ and knows that’s where greatness happens.
A life of purpose is a life that realizes its inherent worth and value, and strives to grow into continually higher levels of expansion. It’s a life that shines in a way only it can shine.
A life of purpose is a life that continually looks inward for ever greater treasure to share outward.
Nikolaj G.
I believe having a purpose is to project yourself in the future while considering your values. There's a life purpose and a daily purpose, the life leads how you should view your daily tasks and activities within the day.
Emmy S.
To me purpose means that there is something in your life that if it were not there you'd feel empty, you'd feel like something was missing. Purpose is something that brings you to life and reveals deeper parts of yourself to who you are.
Martina E.
To have a purpose means that you have to set a value for your existence on this universe. This can be achieved by ; Firs set a general aim to your life, eg to be a high spiritual person, and this large aim you need to achieve it by small goals to be done every day
Laura Z.
Its a feeling of success for me.
The purpose, is what motivates me. And in return, the meaning of that.. is my success. Seems to work well for me personally.
Jeremiah E.
Purpose is when your soul and personality align themselves to figure out what it is that Brings you joy and fulfillment.
Wenzel F.
Having a purpose is what motivates you to get up in the morning and follow through to be able to meet that purpose. Hopefully it would be something in service of others because it is when our skills and talents and experience and career are used to serve others where joy is to be found.
Indira E.
That's a very intellectual question and it would need a lot of self-introspection for me to answer it and I am not there yet.
Calvin W.
To know what you're trying to accomplish and why, so you can appreciate its value and celebrate the steps to its achievement. This in turn gives you a sense of your own role in that success, and possibly a partial idea of the regard others have for you.
Caroline F.
To have purpose means you have an underlying cause, or reason guiding all of the choices you make throughout the day and throughout your life.
Jordina O.
Tener un propósito significa que tienes un objetivo definido y que estas haciendo los pasos en el camino para llegar a la meta

Significa que todos tus esfuerzos se dirigen para llegar donde quieres

Noah Q.
To have purpose means that there is a guiding force and a set of defined principles that govern your every action (and hopefully, your thoughts).
Malthe G.
To have purpose is to make a reference point outside of yourself and what others think of you and instead put focus on how you impact the world— whether it’s society or the environment