What do you do when your purpose feels heavy and cumbersome?

Elaine F.
I first breakdown and be negative but then the tears dry and you just keep on going. Just do it even if you feel you are failing. I did it last week and I achieved what everyone felt I couldn’t do. We are our worst enemies. I project weakness through anxiety and depression but actually the real me is a go getter. Just put one foot infront of the other. You will amaze yourself how much strength you really have. Have the breakdown but then you get up and try.

Christopher U.
Break it down into small pieces and do one thing at a time to move to the next level…. Make a list of what important first and what's next and keep going until u reach the end of your purpose

Danielle O.
If possible, break it down in small goals. Work on the small goals that lead you to your purpose, then your purpose won't feel as heavy. You may also need to analyze your motive for pursuing this purpose. If your motives are mainly for others, it may make it feel cumbersome.

Gen Sio Z.
I think about how far i have come, and that i didnt come this far without struggle. So i calm myself down, with knowing that struggle is a part of the journey, always. And if i push trough (as i have done in my life) my purpose will be there for me at the end. I know i am doing something good at this moment, and that its the little tiny babysteps that will lead me to something bigger. I have a strong feeling that my purpose is to be a light and help to others (people, animals) and that is overwhelming! So i just concentrate on doing the little steps.

Rachel Y.
From my experience, this could be the result of 1 of 2 things: you are burnt out, or that is not your life purpose. Start by taking some time to practice self care. When was the last time you went on a vacation? You are an amazing and hardworking person, who is still only one person and reeds to recharge. Even if it's just a day or two where you turn off your phone and hold off on chores. Once you have completed your vacation, reflect on your current purpose statement, and why you chose it. Is this something you truly enjoy, or are you working with something life has forced you into. If you're nit sure, think about how you reacted when i first said your purpose might not be right for you: if you weren't ready to defend your purpose, it is time to reflect on what you truly want from life.