Do you think about one purpose you have everyday? Or you have different purposes each day!

Waldin Lia G.
I often find myself thinking about my purpose and life, am I truly happy with what’s going on around me and the current state of my life and families life

Brent Z.
I will think about one purpose everyday, and that is getting the best of myself and learning and teaching myself to get the best person U can be. As well with people and relationships, as in school and later on work. The way I want to reach this state of the best version of myself can vary everyday. So the purpose and the way of achieving my goal, just varies day per day. Everyday can have another purpose for me

Lucas J.
I don't know actually, sometimes i don't know what my purpose is , but i want to know my full purpose,why i have been borned into this world , hopefully someday i will know

Ellie W.
It tends to come back to the same thing each day as I have certain things that drive me but there could be something that I’ll add that’s different depending on what’s happened that day.

Alesia C.
I have different tipes of purposes. Each day, i like to have small ones, that i can achieve , and for the long future, every year, i like to dream big.

Dorota X.
Amacım, iyi insan olarak kalmak. Dünyayı kötülükleriyle tanıdım şimdi iyilikleriyle tanımak istiyorum. Dirilmek amacım. Dimdik, kültürlü ve Zengin bir kadın olmak amacım.

Emma B.
I think of one purpose, a broad one, because I feel like I can focus strongly on just this one rather than having many of them at once. If I focus more of one purpose I commit better to the habits that will take me to fulfill it.

Sue F.
I think about what's on my todo list daily, but wouldn't call it my purpose. I do like to connect what I do each day to my future dreams and goals. This helps add meaning to small tasks.

Kriti F.
I have different purposes ,each day is different from previous, to be very honest i can't be same or consistent everyday bt that's what I really wanna do I'm working on it.

Chester Q.
My purpose remains the same, but my journey towards fulfilling that purpose changes. The journey has twists, turns, and hard moments when I struggle to maintain that purpose. When I struggle, I try to step back and remind myself of what my purpose is, take a few long breaths and continue on.

Ali N.
I usually have different purposes on different days Im aware this may not be great and causes me to leave tasks unfinished thought it gets out of my control. would love to find a way to change this

Bettina U.
No I don’t because I get purpose and passion mixed up.
I am passionate about my job but not sure what my purpose is and if it correlates with my passion.
I want to help people live their best possible life but is that my passion or purpose?

Emily G.
It's always asking the same lines – to be happy – but varies a bit. Yesterday I wanted to be happy and healthy, whilst today I want to be happy and find out interesting things

Wendy G.
I think about one purpose. I haven’t thought of having different purposes each day. Perhaps I’ll do that from now on. I’m still figuring out what my purpose is so having different ones might help and help me figure out my main purpose.

Arjun X.
I think about my sole purpose in life! But it helps to have that thought each day. It can become a habit and inspire you when you feel down. But different people may do it differently 🙂