How do you stop believing that you don’t have a purpose?

Alo Sio F.
As I don't have any talents and not even good at studying I started to believe I'm not good at anything and don't have any purpose in life . I started to compare myself with others and loose my confidence and feel depressed and purposeless in life.
Esra Z.
I've never believed that I didn't have a purpose. I just didn't know what my purpose was because I didn't believe in myself.
Nelli Y.
In certain periods of our lives, we often feel like we don’t have any purpose.

It’s normal to feel that way, especially after experiencing a traumatic life event like divorce or death in the family, or being stuck in the same condition for a while, such as working on the same job for years.

But you couldn’t see that “something” that makes waking up in the morning worthwhile.

Perhaps you had a purpose to be happily married, but then you were divorced.

So you felt like you’ve lost that purpose.

Perhaps you had a purpose to be the best in the workplace, but apparently you weren’t chosen for the promotion.

So you felt like you’ve lost that purpose.

You didn’t realize that those (being happily married and getting a job promotion) aren’t life purposes, as your existence isn’t defined by them.

They, undoubtedly, are parts of your existence that contribute to valuable learning lessons in life.

You grow as a person when experiencing the happier and the darker sides of life, which is something to be grateful for.

The thing with discovering your purpose is that it’s not as simple as reading a book and finishing it.

It’s not even as straightforward as going to school and obtaining a degree in psychology, humanities, business, engineering, medicine, or math.

It’s not that simple and that straightforward because discovering your purpose isn’t a linear effort.

Why Discovering Your Purpose Is Not Easy
Discovering your purpose is an on-going process and it depends solely on yourself.

You’ll go through good and bad periods when looking for it.

Some days, you’d feel good that your life is purposeful; but on other days, you’d feel that you’re lost.

Acknowledge both with an “observing mind“.

Either way, it’s just what you feel.

Your existence doesn’t depend on whether you feel that you have or have no purpose.

In Zen Buddhism, there are two types of minds: the thinking mind and the observing mind.

When you’re thinking about anything, you’re using the “thinking mind.”

However, when you’re observing how you think, you’re using the “observing mind.”

Drea Z.
First of all I look in the mirror and remind myself that I do have a purpose every day. Also I have accountability partner. And then around my home in different locations I have a little sticky reminders.
Omer Q.
My family members like my sister and my step grandma made me believe I wasn’t worth it I felt useless I felt sad I felt like I was not love over time I staring to think that I had no purpose
Praseedha C.
Purpose doesn't mean that you have to achieve something for the world. It simply means that you live consciously, make the best use of your skills, love people – friends or family and have good health. You never know how much you inspire people just by being your true self. This is purpose.
Ashley O.
Tell yourself that you do. You might not think you have one but you do. Whether your purpose is to just help make one person smile a day, it still matters. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t automatically see your purpose, staring you in the face; it can change day by day. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Believe in you and your abilities. Trust that you are on your own path to your own bright future.
Duke G.
I never stop believing because as long as I'm here taking a breath every morning, and serving others every day, then I always know that I have a purpose for life, because the measure of true success is how well we serve others in life.
Bill O.
Some people stop believing that their lives have purpose quite haphazardly. By becoming backseat drivers in their own lives, they let life happen to them for so long that they no longer realize that they ultimately have full control of what happens next in it. Once the control is lost and the habit of being a victim of life is instilled, they lose the primal knowledge that purpose comes from their conscious choice of what happens next. To ensure that you never forget that you have control of your life, and a reason for being here with us all, you must find your reason for being. Find out what drives you and what lights a fire inside you for the benefit not just of yourself, but of those in the world around you. The next thing you must do is plan to change who you are. Let the old version of you die on the alter of a greater self that you wish to become. Thirdly you must be mindful of every choice you make. Make the most basic to the most complex unseen choice seen so that it cannot control your life and force you to call it fate. Once this is done you will not only have purpose, but you will be hard-pressed to lose it.
Eileen T.
I was not that much motivated I just loose my hopes then later tajanks to fabulous to help me now Iam super excellent then my past iam doing great
Jason Z.
Actually what I a want to say to you buddy is that we are in this world for a purpose 💟 so I don't think that I don't have a purpose thank you 💗
Felicia A.
Do you know what a butterfly effect is? Every thing living and non living are meant to serve a purpose although we humans see only ourselves as the superior beings. Every little action will have an equal and opposite reaction, every vibration as well.we are all part of a great artistic chaos called the universe, experiencing something minute called life, YOU are alive here in this moment, this year, this place, on a floating piece of rock called earth and you think you are not special? Even though one don't realise yet, every tiny action you have done has helped something or someone and will do so in the future. Your purpose will be to find one of those something that will help you be yourself the most, cheers
Sadia F.
If you want my purpose then you don't have to! Your life is yours. What is really important is how you enjoy your life. If you believe right now that you don't have a purpose let it be. Just enjoy your life. Remember the last time when something made you laugh(nothing toxic though just what genuinely made you smile). Remember the last time you smiled. Just remember that. If you think you don't have a purpose, this means "right now" you don't. One day you will suddebly feel like you want to do something so much. That day you will know that you found your purpose. The reason you don't know what your purpose is, is because it is maybe not the time for embarking on your purpose journey yet. So I will suggest don't force yourself to make yourself like something. It will happen naturally. But if you insist then just think of what makes you happy for now. I guarentee that will make u lead towards what you really like. If you know what you really like u will know what your purpose is.
Karishma P.
You don't have an objective purpose. A higher purpose does not exist. But you give yourself a meaning. A significance. You do some social work. You do stuff you believe in and you do stuff you like and you take care of yourself. Trust me, human beings are such foolish and gullible creatures that you can find your own meaning and change it moment by moment. There is no restrictions to what you can do. If you believe it you can do it. If you can't do something it just means either you don't want to do it or you are not ready or mature for that yet. We all die someday. That is a truth that we have to accept. What we do before we die, what we leave behind is what gives purpose to human beings. Daily routine fools you into thinking productive. An objectively ugly house becomes beautiful and cozy with correct decoration and furniture. Your home gives you a false sense of security. It is subjective. But it is there.
Amalie C.
Humans are created and born for a purpose if not we would probably be in form of a plant or any animal but even plants and animals have a purpose, each plant grows for the usefulness of something, likewise animals. To stop believing you don't have a purpose search within yourself something you're useful or good at, survey your environment study what interests you, what brings smile to your face or pain to your heart, seek opportunities around it and there you found your purpose. Your purpose might be as simple as taking care of a pet find a way to improve it and build on it, purpose must not be something as gigantic as mountain, you just need to discover that thing that gives you tickling and make a big difference with it. Thanks
Don J.
There is nothing to believe or not believe in here. Your purpose is created by you. If you think you don't have a purpose then you don't. But if you want to have a purpose and you think that ways then you do have a purpose. At the end, no one is coming to push you to do the stuff that you like. You have to make up your mind and believe in your purpose to make sense of the world.
Am Lia Q.
When everyone is have faith on me a trust that i could get best score in exam but i could not get that much I feel like I break trust of every one and i am not able for anything
Ian F.
This is indeed a great question, but I will say what I think the answear is. You should try new things or think about them (for me when I think about arhitecture, I feel a spark. When I listen to music I feel a spark as well). But think about it, do you wish to have a family? If yes, your purpose might be making your kid/kids happy. I think my purpose is to make everyone around me better, to help them. Good luck.
Sarah Y.
Every one has a purpose. It just might take time to find it. You might be looking I. The wrong places. Some times your not ready to fill your purpose yet. So you just keep being the best you. Do your best to make the best choices for you. You will find it. Sometimes it's taking a chance that's so scary to find it.
Bianor P.
If you are experiencing a lack of purpose in your life, you may fel constantly bored dissatisfied or empty, like life gaz no meaning. You may feel unfulfilled in your relationships with others, disaffected at home and st work, and find yourself anxiously ruminating on what the point is of life. Well there is a way to believe you have a purpose just believe in yourself always believe in yourself.
Urea Y.
Well sometimes this happens I forget my purpose but when anyone has the same purpose and he or she succeeds in it I always have a feeling that I should even think about my purpose.
Asmaa R.
By giving your self a purpose, no one is going to hand it over, you’ve got to work for it, you have to find that purpose in something that you enjoy doing something that makes you feel alive…
It could be a hobby, a sport, a job, or anything really.
Heather Z.
When I begin to feel like I do not have a purpose, I deliberately think about something I can do that is meaningful. I volunteer with Special Olympics, so sometimes I will look for upcoming opportunities. I also have a meaningful job, so I refocus my work on a meaningful task rather than the mundane and routine.