How do you know what your purpose is? I’m wearing so many hats that I’m not sure which to focus on.

Stephanie F.
I take it one step at a time. I pick one problem and I master that before moving on. I keep only positive people around me. People who want me to succeed.
Pierre F.
I think about my overall goal or aim for each hat I'm wearing. I make it general. So it's about leaving the world better than I found it. Supporting my family, doingmy best for my next client so they benefit most. Making peace in a difficult situation.
I don't think about the nitty gritty, like HOW I will do this.
Lilian G.
I still don't know. They always say you always make time for things that are important to you. Well I've discovered that the things that I thought I was very passionate about I kept on pushing it off because I was scared not being good at it. I ended up focusing on other things that in reality weren't my interest or gave me much joy. Life nowadays is so fast paced that we as people barely have any time just to stop and think. Most times people are just on autopilot doing things that everyone are doing without thought. Taking time to be introspective about yourself is hard. Simply for the fact that our culture dictates efficiency as doing something, anything really. Taking the time to really listen and learn about yourself is how you slowly chip away at what society says you should do and actually discover what you want to do. Not to mention it's also very difficult to think about one's purpose and the future when your basic needs aren't getting met. Basic needs such as a right to life, food, shelter, your health. If all these things are not on stable ground trying to build on top of it is very difficult and can be overwhelming. Even discouraging if one might fail at their goals because a lack of a strong foundation.