How do you fight the negative thoughts when you feel you are failing at your purpose?

Cathy O.
Fight the negative thoughts by bringing up a positive thought for every negative thought. Redirect your bad thoughts to more positive and hopeful thoughts. Know that it is okay to fail as long as you keep putting in the effort to try again.
Christine G.
It helps me to have my purpose written out in a short, simple statement. Then, when I feel like I am failing, I read my statement again, then take a look at my day and write down eveey single little thing I did that moved me a tiny bit closer to my goals, or showed that I was living as the Me I want to be. As an example, I'm struggling right now because a dear family member passed away less than two weeks ago, and I'm having emotional conflicts with my closest loved one. I feel like I haven't been able to work at all, and that I'm failing in my relationship goals. Yet when I really look at the last 24 hours, I see that I moved my business forward by recording a video yesterday, and I ended my day early enough to have one-on-one time with my loved one. Those are small steps forward, but they ARE forward motion, they DO support my Purpose. So, take an honest look at your day, and give yourself credit for every little step. The quest for our Purpose can be slow going sometimes, but the end result is worth it!