Do you have suggestions on how to find ones purpose?

Zoe F.
If you Believe you need a purpose it is simply because your life does not fulfill you enough.
How to fulfill your life, just do what you love regardless on the obstacles in your way.
Obstacles make you grow and growing can be your purpose just like anything can.
Jacqueline Z.
I have found out that learning about myself psychologically and intellectually gave me a sense of who I am and what makes me so the things we do.
Chan P.
Finding one's purpose starts with trying new things. Things that sound interesting, and one off things for fun or for work. Then you identify what your heart resignates with. What do you enjoy? What do you want more of? What will you still love, or like doing, even if you faced some level of difficulty with it. Then you can look at your natural gifts, talents, and strengths, and pair it with your interests. Follow those desires long enough to keep growing your fire for it…it will never extinguish if it is truly your purpose.
Nikolaj P.
Close your eyes. You no longer need to work to survive. You are financially independent. Your responsibilities are taken care of. You are free with no negative repercussions. After you relax and enjoy this freedom, what will you do? What will make everyday worth it? Having a family, exploring new places, pioneering causes, becoming further educated, changing the world, embracing your skills… Find that spark and follow it. And if there is no spark yet, try something new, something outside your normal choices and see where it leads you. Enjoy your life.