After you already know what your purpose is and how to achieve it, how to stay motivated until you get there?

Emily Z.
That’s the hardest part. Well I’m training my mind to keep my routine straight in order to focus on small task and every week i make a check of my performance. So the answer perhaps is to Split it in small tasks to do every day or every week and focus on the present. It’s Like when You go hiking and focus on each step then suddenly you find yourself upon the mountain. Keep it up!
Ava U.
I am still working on that, I try and do one thing a day toward my purpose even if it is something as simple as saying it out loud.
Lina P.
Enjoy every step of the process. Thank yourself every day. Understand the full weight of each day’s efforts. Remind yourself daily of your purpose and why it’s important. Be kind with yourself when things don’t go your way.
Chad P.
One way to stay motivated is to share your purpose with a trusted friend and or family member. If you have same or similar purposes, you can work together to stay motivated. But even if you have differing purposes, the love and support you get from one another will help you to not give up in what you are doing. Also, you want to keep reflecting on why you have this purpose and the positive impact it has or will have on your life as you pursue it. If your purpose is of a religious nature, then reflect on the positive examples of those who have stayed the course.
Lucia T.
The 8h eating window works very well for me, now I must focus on the craving part. Need to cut chocolate and heavy meals..
I must prepare my lunch in the morning before coming to work and ring my healthy snacks with me!!!