Do individuals need a purpose?

Ken O.
Yes for a meaningful fulfilled life. We all came to Earth with a purposefiled contract, which got forgotten at birth. Most of us spend a great part of our lives trying to figure out ours life's purpose. If you are struggling with this. I recommend numerology. Numbers don't lie and everything has a meaning. Finding out my life path, along with my numerology break down to include my name, helped me to narrow in on my life's purpose, which is to provide a safe place of healing and growth for children throughout the world.
Willie X.
It gives us a reason to live. Happiness, like other emotions will come and go, so what keeps us moving when it’s hard or things aren’t going right? Purpose.
Jennifer P.
It's not if you need one, its what is yours? If a water bottle has a purpose, so much greater is the purpose that has been placed within us. Just as a water bottle doesn't store water for itself, our purpose is not for us, it is for those set of people to whom we have been assigned to inspire, motivate, encourage and bless. Three keys to finding your purpose:
1. Think about what you used to say when you are a child that you wanted to be, ask persons who were apart of your childhood for help.
2. What are your natural skills and abilities, what stories of your life's journey are painful that you have or are working on overcoming? Sometimes our unique story is meant to bless others to know it's possible for them to overcome too, and inspire hope in them.
3. What do others always compliment you on or about? What do they say you are excellent at? What do you believe you are excellent at?
These are some clues to help you to live a purposeful life, understand too that purpose is dynamic and as we grow and develop ourselves our ultimate purpose is unfolded! Ps. Here's to finding the purpose through your pain, gifts and abilities and ultimately seeking the purpose maker!
Kate J.
I would say we go through life searching for meaning and purpose, we yearn for genuine connections and we all want to be part of something badly. I believe behind that there is something called “oneness” which means that we are all one and we incarnated in this life to go through different experiences and learn, but at the end we are all connected. So, I would say our mission is to find each other, help each other to become aware because we are all in the same journey and we are all part of a puzzle, part of one big magical being.
Knut N.
Yes. It’s the reason we were brought here on this earth. The Lord created us to love and worship Him. Not only that, He creates us and put desires and dreams in our hearts. We must seek Him first, so Ge May guide us on the path He has laid for us. We get don’t have a purpose or drive to wake up and go, then we will ultimately fall into depression. I think it’s an important, even if you’re not a believer, to have purpose, ambition, drive each morning. A goal!
Arnold U.
I don't think they need. Where I am, universe will show me the purpose. People should be able to act efficiently without purpose.
Judy C.
Absolutely. Not having a purpose frustrates people. Then why are we really here if not? Most people spend their life’s searching for purpose and the meaning of life.
Ryan J.
We don’t need one to stay alive, but I do believe we need one if we want to make life a bit easier on us and to keep our spirits lifted when life gets hard. For me, it’s been the difference between a life of okay and a life of magic.
Maelya Q.
Purpose is connected to do something for you to transform a better world. What is tour contribution to the world?? (Eg: Feed the people, train people, help someone..)
When you have a purpose, you have clear way of the goals / directions and you will build the roads to arrive there!
Lets do it man👊 🎯🎨
Ester J.
I read somewhere that if you feel needed or have a drive to do something to get out of bed, you will actually live longer
Selma Q.
Everyone needs a purpose. Not only does it open yourself up to self reflection but it also helps define your values and principles that’ll carry you for a lifetime.

A purpose however can be as simple as “to bring or inspire joy in the lives of everybody that my path crosses”. From there, as long as you’re choosing a life that aligns with what feels right for you, a purpose will naturally reveal itself.

Harry E.
Yes, this is true. Without purpose we can flounder and even become depressed. Set a purpose or goal that is possible to achieve. If you do fail, restructure your purpose.
Maya C.
Ones purpose should be larger than what can be achieved in an individual lifetime. A project of benefit to human larger than ourselves, and larger than what one person can achieve alone.
El Na E.
I believe they do. I think society defines some purposes for us – especially at certain times of our lives. And, oh, wow! You are thrown for a loop of those purposes don’t resonate with your spirit/heart. Woman is curious – she was born that way – she wants to know “Why? What is the point? What is the purpose for waking up to day?” It’s tragedy when our purposes disappear… when a child dies. When an institution you’re dedicated to fails or falls. Those events send you spinning – and asking “why am I still here?”
Owen F.
I believe we all need a purpose, but that purpose could be being part of a collective – a fantastic, a charitable organization, the universe as a whole.
Samuel C.
Without a purpose life has no meaning often when I have gotten depressed I couldn’t find the point in doing basic needs that had to be done everyday that’s how lost I got with my thoughts
Eitel O.
Not necessarily, but I think it helps with mental health, self care and overall well being. I don’t have one right now but I’m also in a weird place in life where I’m trying to get my life, career, and self together. A purpose would help but I know that I will find it in the future.
Cecilie Z.
In a short response, yes, I believe you do, otherwise you’ll feel lost in life. A purpose could be as simple as making others happy but, it reminds you that you need to stay in this world and that you should stay happy and humble.
Mattias O.
I think individuals need a purpose but they do not need a higher purpose. The purpose can be as simple as just wanting to live a fulfilling life or to spend more time with the people you care about.
Canan G.
Všechno co dělám, jsem za to zodpovědná…resp. za to, jak se k dané situaci postavím a jak upřímná k sobě dokážu být. Neustále chci mít na mysli naší konečnost a proměnlivost situace. Smířit se s tím. Chci žít radostně se svojí rodinou ať se děje cokoliv , vštípit jim odvahu a vděčnost, za co mají. Nestěžovat si, nepomlouvat, chovat se toleratně a co nejvíc komunikovat bez předsudků.
Eva C.
Does any other animal have what could be considered a purpose beyond biological imperative? Humans are unique, and we do stand out compare to other mammals, but that does does not necessarily mean we are all born with a Purpose. I believe that in order to avoid despair or an existential crisis, many humans adopt a purpose in order to give their lives meaning, but it is not essential.
Sebastian Y.
To have a happy and fulfilled life, I believe individuals do need a purpose. Mine is to live true to myself- that is, lead a life of integrity, authenticity, and created joy- appreciating art, nature and community.
Adam X.
A purpose is to be fully and authentically “in.” As a human, we have the capacity to look forward, to plan, to be connected. It is a reciprocal connection- a purpose let’s one give and receive. It brings the divine in.
Mateus Q.
Absolutely. Humans need to have purpose to feel fulfilled, to have something meaningful to work towards, to build a legacy that they can be proud of. Otherwise, we are all just keeping busy to distract from the fact that we are not fulfilled.
Bob Q.
Yes. What's the point of living with out purpose? I would think that everyone's purpose would be different. But everyone has something they love that makes them lose time. I don't want to live in a world where that isn't true.
Gladys P.
Absolutely! Once you know and acknowledge your purpose in life pieces begin to fall into place, once u
You begin living your purpose the various aspects of your life come together and you experience a wholeness and fulfillment you could never have known otherwise
Brett W.
Yes, without purpose individuals begin to feel worthless. The feeling of worthlessness leads to negativity. Purpose quite literally gives someone reason to live and do the things they do. It encourages them to keep going during difficult times and helps them gain perspective.
Adriano P.
Yes, individuals do need a purpose to focus upon; whether that purpose is a role the person already fulfills or a project/mission undertaken makes a dramatic qualitative difference. In pursuit of balance, the fatigued person might do well to embrace what they’re already doing as purpose but a restless person might do better to identify potential missions. We’re all different mixes of these two at different times but it’s always better to have a focal point— a sense of purpose.
Karen O.
I feel like I need a purpose. When I don’t feel like I have a purpose in life I feel depressed and despondent. It seems like different people might be different, but it motivates me in life, I feel more energized and happy when I have a purpose. Knowing what my purpose is has sometimes been totally obvious in my life and at other times difficult . Right now it’s a little difficult, but I’m figuring it out. Being part of a community that has a common purpose really helps for me, and I don’t really have that right now. I will look for it, or maybe create my own!
Graciete A.
Yes, always! A life without purpose is a life not well lived. Always try to figure out what it is that you want for you in this lifetime. Learn from it, and grow towards it, as it will be a life of conviction and accomplishments! Be proud of Who you are. Don’t let anyone take that away from you!
Gina O.
I don’t think it’s necessarily that individuals need to have one outlined purpose to feel fulfilled. I think it is more important that our daily actions are filled with purpose. For example, a gardener may not see gardening as his “purpose” in life, but he feels a sense of purpose, or fulfillment, or even happiness, when he is gardening and he is devoting his full efforts and attention to his activity.
Diana J.
100% yes I need a purpose. To wake up and start my day with no set plan of attack, no written reminders of the things to be done, is like living out my days blind, being led by the blind. I wouldn’t have a clear cut plan to achieve the things I must get done.
Taking the time to review my daily calendar and think about what needs to be done and write them down is a sure fire way to help keep me organized, motivated, and on right track. I am truly grateful to have such wonderful coaching from all of you at Fabulous. I see myself improving already. I can’t wait to see myself in a year, or 6 months for that matter.
Fanny C.
Individuals need a purpose to find fufillment. Having a goal/plan toward that purpose, can be quite motivating. The Fabulous team does a fantastic job linking goals, self care, and the contemplation necessary toward that purpose.
Larry O.
I do. Sometimes that purpose is just to get up in the morning and appreciate something. Do something small & positive… sometimes it’s working for a major cause of importance. Maybe we don’t need one, and should be happy just existing… maybe my purpose is to figure it out…
Jake X.
Spontaneously I’d say Yes!
While I’m pondering more on the question: what’s a purpose? What’s it for? Is it something that anyone needs, then?
A purpose gives a long shot sight of the future, a meaningful vision of the what’s ahead, here & behind our life. It’s opens a path & orientation in our ongoing movement into time & space.
A purpose is to find direction into life. To go somewhere precise allows us to not be just rocked around by the hazards of life & stay standing & keep going under the weather.
Anyone who is conscious of their existence & relatively high amount of choices, would eventually need a purpose without necessarily finding it at all or early in their life. Otherwise we cross through life feeling pretty much blind useless.
Anna O.
It depends on the individual and where they are at in their life. Some people have never given their purpose a thought because other life events take the mental and emotional energy needed to sit and contemplate the topic of their purpose.
Terra J.
Yes, and we do. We Need purpose to live . It makes our life worth leaving. Through purpose we learn to enjoy life and we leave our marks.
Alison E.
A purpose I believe brings a sense of forfillment and reason to your life. If you have your own little corner of the world, no matter how small, that you can make better, then it will make life seem a little more worthwhile.
Ang Le Q.
Yes. Purpose gives direction and adds momentum to what you do. Purpose helps you define what you will and will not do. Purpose allows you to be bold and fearless in this world. Otherwise we are aimlessly wandering, sometimes enjoying what we do but mostly helping someone else fulfill their purpose instead of pursuing our own.
Kelly O.
Yes … but being a good person and channelling positive energy and just committing to do one good thing for someone else once a day … even just a compliment is purpose fulfilled x
Mila Q.
Yes. It gives us reason to live. Reason to get up in the morning and keep going. Purpose is the very reason why we are here and alive.
Claudia U.
Yes, from what I have read and experienced humans need a purpose to function well. I know I feel like a new person when I have a purpose. When I started teaching I blossomed and I think that is because I became an important person in society. It gave my purpose and made me matter to the world.
Daniel U.
As much as we would all like to believe that we do, if you really look at your life and take stock, we do not only need a purpose- we don’t have one in reality. So no, it’s only an opinion, we don’t need nor are we likely to have a purpose.
Patrick O.
Yes I think so. Sometimes i think we get our purposes a bit mixed up, where we think it has to career, money,education, where it can be being a mother or good friend etc
Tim F.
Yes, in fact all things have a purpose when you think about it. Even a spoon was created for a specific purpose. All things have purpose and all humans must identify and pursue their purpose. It's hard to hit a target you cant see
Jeppe P.
Yes! Because without it why are you here? Passing days? It's hard to find it but when you do it gives a whole new meaning to your life and to why you wake up full of energy every single day. I am on my way to find it with the help of my therapist and Fabulous!
Heather C.
I believe provides motivation and determination to achieve goals. The goals are the small steps to achieving the purpose.
Naja P.
Yes, Individuals need a purpose. I personally believe that we are born for a purpose and it’s very essential to realize what it is and work towards fulfilling the job given.
Sinaida T.
Absolutely! Positive Psychology studies have shown that purpose is one of the key things that make people happy. Purpose is a combination of goals and values and helps people make important life decisions.
Marciele N.
Yes, I think so. It can be being a part of a larger cause, organization or collective purpose, or it can be as simple as being the best parent you can be, but I do think we all have, and need, a purpose to guide us and give our life meaning.
Hilda J.
Yes! There is no life worth living if you do not have a purpose. Give yourself purpose and you give yourself power to fulfill your destiny!
Blanka U.
Yes. It makes your life meaningful and purposeful. Hopefully by doing so it will benefit those in your sphere and have far reaching effects in the world at large in a positive way.
Marion J.
Of course. All meaning, emotions, ideas, life… derive from the individual. The individual is a universe and a cosmos of its own. So without a purpose the individual is lost.
Andreas A.
Yes we need a purpose so that the discomfort of any action needed to achieve a goal is dealt with easier – without a purpose it’s easy to give in to discomfort and abandon the action needed to achieve something. Purpose gives strength.
Ahmet L.
I wish this was an easy question to answer. But with all that goes on in life, with out huge list of responsibilities, priorities, purpose becomes reduced to a fuel for us to keep going.
I wish purpose wasn't something to make us feel useful when start to doubt ourselves. Instead I wish purpose was born out of a sense of utmost unproductiveness. Because if you can continue doing something despite feeling utterly unproductive, you clearly have an unequivocal love for it and you don't ask whether that's your purpose. You know in your heart that that's what you were born to do.
Jeppe B.
I don’t know actually (becouse for example in my case my purposes has changed year by year)…what I know now, the human being need to live every day with a true awareness. In this case the intuition are very powerful for everything happen and make sense for our lives.
Elias S.
Yes definitely. Everyone has those moments when we feel like the word is against us and know what your purpose is can help you push through those difficult times.
Soham P.
I feel like a purpose is a great thing in life. Without a purpose or a plan set in life what happens when u don't have one you just float through life with no meaning aka purpose???
Travis W.
Yes, I think we are all here to fulfill a specific mission. When we are not in alignment with our truth purpose, we feel lack and discontent. But when we are fulfilling our mission, we are immersed in bliss 24/7.
Sacha Y.
The short answer is yes. It’s like driving. You have a destination to get to. If you drive around aimlessly you’ll never really go anywhere.
Allan U.
In order to find fulfilment, a cause or motivation to progress through life, a purpose can be the driver towards those feelings, especially accomplishment and growth.
Hans Friedrich U.
Always. Ambition and hope are what make us live and strive for always being better. If you don't have a goal you are just surviving and soon you will fall into depression. The purpose doesn't need to be something big or professional, it can be as simple as watering your plants everyday.
Arthur Y.
If one is lucky enough to know that they have a purpose in life, they may have something higher than themselves to believe and strive for.
If one does not know of purposes and only believes in themselves, do they lead unhappy lives?
Most theories on a life of purpose seem to agree that humans derive more happiness and are more fulfilled as opposed to a life of seeking pleasure and fun.
Adelgunde X.
We’ll if you spend your whole life looking for you’re purpose, you’ll forget to live. So live, and only then will you finding your purpose.
Pauline Z.
Cá nhân ai cũng cần mục đích sống trong đời, với tôi là thành đạt, sức khỏe, trí lực, giàu có, hào sảng.
Mục đích càng mạnh mẽ, cụ thể, rõ ràng, chất lượng cuộc sống càng nâng cao, thực chất.
Tessa E.
I think we do, if we don’t have a purpose we feel lost, a purpose drives us, it’s gets out of bed, it gives us passion.
Oliver E.
Yes! I feel every single person on this earth has a purpose, even those that are living in war, have a purpose… even those that don't have any happiness or even have depression, have a purpose. Their purpose is to be loved, live life and just be themselves.
Cassandra C.
Yes, or they will feel empty or aimless. But for you, maybe it not a question of need for a purpose, but knowledge of your purpose. Meaning, you have a purpose, but can't define it. If that's a case, you should try meditating to get to know yourself better.
Salvador F.
Yes, but one that makes their heart sing. It can be separate from their day job. It's not about how much u get done, but whether the world is made a better place by u following ur joy.
Daouane Q.
Yes. Each individual must determine their purpose. It will likely intersect where their passions and gifts come together. Finding it is key. Using it each moment of each day is essential.
Dwight F.
I don't int think individuals need purpose but in a society where many people dont have to all their time trying to survive, some people may find day to day actions tedious and without meaning. I think having a purpose can guide us in our decisions and also give even mundane things meaning.
Constance T.
Yes. To get thru the tough times without giving up. To end life feeling you’ve made the most of the experience. To keep re-focusing us on others.
Lillian Q.
Yes…. everyone needs a purpose in life. In everything you do, you have to find a purpose in it in order for it to become reasonable. It also helps you to know what and how you go about tasks.
Kenneth T.
I don’t believe individuals need a definite purpose as typically defined. You could consider the pursuit of finding your purpose as a purpose. Purpose always varies but not always a requirement in my book.
Mikkel P.
I think that it's hard to differentiate between a purpose within society (or the world), and a purpose for one's daily life. I keep asking myself if my well being or the well being of my family is purpose enough or if I meant for some greater purpose. I think it's natural to feel the latter but I'm having trouble believing that is the case for everyone in society
Lola Q.
I think by having a purpose you find yourself more focused in life in an overall sense. You know what you want out of life and what type of things would make you feel more in line with your truth.
Freddie F.
I didn’t used to think so, but I’m finding that even having a really general purpose is helpful for me. For example, mine is “to be a catalyst for positive change in others’ lives.” This helps me stay centered in my emotions and thoughts, asking myself if my current state of mind is serving my purpose.
Tamara E.
Yes, I believe we do. Purpose gives a person direction and a focus, and helps fire up motivation and drive. Without it, I guess you would start to feel lost. Your energy could be scattered across so many things that you lose energy and begin to focus on things that don’t bring joy or fulfilment.
Molly U.
Our purpose guides us to where we want to be and why live the we do. It allows for better clarity of thought, flow energy, easier communication
Marius G.
Yes we do
As an individual I need a purpose I need my personal purpose
Without my own purpose I’m lost I’m stuck following someone else purpose which eventually could hold me back from reaching my goals
Establishing my own purpose gives life a sense of meaning it’s relevant to me
Sense of purpose gives me reasons to get up early and conquer the day
Sense of purpose helps me set new levels new goals new heights new fitness goals for personal growth
Angelina Q.
A purpose brings meaning into your life, which allows you to connect with others who share similar passions. Purpose illuminates the past so that it’s divine meaning can shine forth into the present, in which we can move foreword with the wisdom acquired. Purpose enables you to move through hardships and tribulations without feeling like a failure or becoming depressed about the state of your life. . It encourages the self love necessary to continue on the path to success. It enables a change in perspective when obstacles from the self or not get put in your way. Purpose aligns you with gods will. Which brings forth your true self. It gives meaning to yourself and a sense of self worth, responsibility and empowerment.
Hansjoachim O.
Individuals need to feel dynamic, having some movement, basic need to use their time and energy. Choosing a purpose gives an individual enough tension to move somewhere, in this case the desired place or life.
Owen Q.
Yes but it can change at different times of your life and it doesn’t have to be world peace or curing cancer to matter to those who benefit from your purpose.
Irma U.
Yes. I am not sure what my purpose (or what my passions are) in life. But thinking that I would achieve more things and contribute more useful service to human kind and to the planet… by just pursuing my purpose… makes me want to find it. We humans fear death sometimes. Having or trying to find one's purpose offers peace of mind at those times we fear death
Lisette X.
Yes. We all have a purpose because we all have talents and gifts. When we use our gifts for a purpose beyond ourselves to help or inspire others it gives our life meaning.
Anton B.
Yes. Purpose can be found in so many different ways. It could be going to work, taking care of a relative, friend, or animal. Even just existing to make the world a better place can be a purpose. Yes we all need purpose, but we also all serve many purposes every day.