Is everyone’s purpose the same?

Rachel Y.
No, not everyone's purpose is the same. If you check out the japanese ideal of "ikiagi," your "reason fot being" comes from what you are good at, what you love, what the word needs, and what you can get paid for (because capitalism).
Andrea C.
I feel like it might be. I feel like everyone in their own way has the a few of the same purposes. Such as mind their inner truth. To love and be loved. To conquer any fears and make the world a better place.
Erstename S.
Yes, in that everyone's purpose is to end up with a purpose. However, besides that general sense of the term, no, everyone's purpose is different from everyone else's. Some purposes may be similar, while others may be drastically different, but everyone certainly does have a purpose!
Yani O.
Absolutely not, except by pure and amazing coincidence. Each persons purpose is an outcome of the sum of all their parts which is very likely unique!
Nichol Y.
No everyone's purpose is not the same. Everyone is unique and different in their own ways so will have a different amd unique purpose specific to themselves
Linda U.
It would be arrogant of me to think for others, but my opinion is that happiness is something different for everyone even if we may share some core aspirations, in the end it depends of what makes drives you and what makes you happy. Ex: some people are happy to work in an office, others are happy to work outside and move around.