If your work is not aligned with your purpose how do you reconcile with that?

Didi F.
Not necessary .. you might find purpose in many other aspects of your life other than your work … such as volunteer work or service.. may be raising your children.. helping others …
Catherine Z.
Look for something that your work IS aligned with, otherwise you will always be frustrated. Focus on the positive- maybe your colleagues, the ability to learn new skills- even learn about what makes you tick/ not tick. If you cannot find anything positive, it’s time to move on.
Darcy X.
Make a change in employment; engage in volunteer work that is aligned or start a side business that is aligned. Be your purpose! Maybe you are fulfilling it outside your work already!
Akiea C.
I think if my work isn’t aligned with my purpose, it may be for another part of my life that I have yet to reach. I won’t always be able to focus on the work that leads to my purpose but I can control and live in now. So focusing on what is and what isn’t helps me to reconcile the two.