Do you think people have a built-in purpose, or they just acquire ir through experience and taste?

Klaus Ulrich T.
I think the answer is twofold. On one hand, we are meant to support the whole ecosystem of the planet and nurture beauty and nature. On the other hand, we must forge our own meaning – within the boundaries of the first part of the answer.
Zander P.
Everyone has an essence, an inner quality of Being and it is that inner Being, that awareness and high quality character or attributes that was created for a reason and to fulfill a purpose, a reason for Being. We all have a reason or purpose for Being and each individual is responsible for their own self reflection and realization of that purpose or reason for Being and how to fulfill their purpose. Ask yourself the questions… What kind or quality of person do I most aspire or feel urged to Be? What do I most aspire to do, keeps urging me to pursue? It is that gentle quiet inner urge that directs us to our purpose or our calling. That is the true Being seeking expression and it’s expression is it’s purpose. What do you feel urged to Be an expression of… healing, medicine, law, art, beauty, spirituality, cleanliness, simple service, etc., etc. The answer is your purpose.