What does it mean to think about my purpose? Is this a question about the importance of my life? Is this the type of question that is answered without myself in the equation? What I mean is it about less ego and more about others? I have a hard time thinking about whether a goal like “become more healthy” be my purpose or is a more appropriate response be something I enjoy or something that if I did less of leaves me feeling empty or like I did not fulfill my roll as a decent human being. An example is I like to think that I could make a difference in people’s lives. Is a more appropriate purpose choice for me “have a positive affect on each person I interact with”. Is this still egotistical to think that my actions could elicit such a huge difference in someone else’s life? What IS my purpose? Why am I here? Is this an existential question? Is this a question about service? Is my purpose to serve and to love? To show compassion and be kind? I like those answers but what is the right answer?

Eduardo T.
It's a very complex situation. And I feel a lot of times the same. But right know I'm focusing on "my purpose" as something egotistical that allows to focus in me. I'm feeling that my purpose is teaching, but not for the students, but for me. Once I got that rolling I will wonder for what's next. My purpose right know is to encourage myself to teach something
Yana N.
I would say all of the above. For me purpose is related to what type of life will make me complete, healthy, full of meaning, loved and loving, achieving my potential and living without regrets knowing that I did everything to the best of my abilities
Danielle Y.
Your purpose does not necessarily have to do with what others need from you. It’s not what others expect from you, it’s who you are deep down. It’s who you are without the outside world having a huge influence on you. I’ve begun my own journey towards finding that out, and there is a really great book that could help you with that. I’m still in the beginning of it, but I have learned also through meditation and listening to myself. The book is called Who Are You Meant to Be? By Anne and Heather Dranitsaris. I would highly recommend it.