What do you do if your purpose doesn’t line uo with the economy and you can’t get a job that lets you fulfil your purpose?

Baby T.
Well I do what I love it’s my passion if money comes from it that’s cool too but I accept times are hard I live within my means and ask for help really the worst they can say is no
Rytal Z.
I would go get a great freind and ask them what I should do. And I'll ask my family and then I'll ask myself what do I do?
Ari G.
I think that it may be very common that this happens.in my opinion you have to find a way to practice your passion even if it isn't what pays you're bills. For example, if your passion is travelling and you can find a job that gives you the possibility to travel you can still travel as much as you can in your free time
Filippa Z.
This is something I have long and repeated experience with throughout my life. Without making a long story reciting the economic history between 1973 and 2020, try to remember that your purpose is part of your reason for living ad not always connected to what you do for a living. Your purpose must become a personal mantra or multiple mantras that you live out with every inhale and exhale.
Silviara N.
Get a job and keep doing what you think is your purpose as a "hobby" of some sorts. When the economy gets better or when you have earned enough money, then you pursue your purpose full time.