How did you determine your personal life purpose? Did you read a specific book or take a personality test or an online quiz?

Isabelle Y.
I read the unbearable lightness of being and realised I need to take a deep breath and relax – shouldn't have so much pressure on myself

Linda U.
Did a course for work and then began working on my best self- years later read a book to reinvest as well as relate to work’s mission

Edward P.
I contemplated my identity and listened to discussions about the topic on youtube. I wrote my purpose as, "My purpose is to feel" because I think about being a spirit reincarnated into a physical body so that I could experience love between friends and other emotions in this lifetime. Otherwise, I would go back to being a spirit and not knowing it because I don't have my 5 physical senses no more. Therefore, as long as I am a human, my purpose is to experience. That means to try new things, explore, be kind, etc.

Leo U.
I've just come to the conclusion that my life purpose is to enjoy life. I won't judge myself on success/ fitness/ beauty etc just whether I am happy and proud of who I am.
The people around me, my health, enjoying my job and the place I live. It's all important but to always remember my life purpose will alter as I grow. What makes me happy now may not in the future, or what makes me happy then may not now. So I should continue to chase what makes me happy. I don't envy a settled life, the more change the better. Especially as change & exploring is part of what makes me happy.
The more things I can look at around me and feel happy to have in my life, the more I have worked towards my purpose.
My purpose is to be happy.

Samantha E.
I haven’t yet determined my life purpose. I think of it as an ever growing and evolving thing. Everyday I reflect on what I think my purpose might be, but I never know. I try my best.

Reuben O.
It's all in the grand design. We are all designed to perform a certain task. Look deeper and first know who you are to know your purpose.

Brandi X.
I thought about many of my experiences and unplanned circumstances. I also thought about what my role was when problems arose and how I felt when different roles were taken.

Michaela Y.
I didn't do any I endorsed the pain of loving ,losing and heartbreak I used tiktok as an escape from reality and it helped alot my personal life is really bad even though I'm twelve I try to make others happy while making myself sad