How do you silence your inner critic so that you may pursue your dreams freely?

Suzanne N.
To stay positive I listen to the daily coaching morning and evening. I find if I don’t the inner critic can re-appear. When it does reappear I sometimes head out for a short walk to clear my head.

Emma P.
I prefer not to listen to my inner critic cause it will damage everything . I usually talk yo myself in front of the mirror and say: I can and I will , watch me .
all you need to do is to motivate yourself and don't waste your time on waiting people to motivate you

Susanna O.
I realise that my inner critic is a part of my mind that l have neglected. This is part of me that l must not ignore and in fact it can become a friend of mine who l can learn from. I don’t know if you have heard of the known and the unknown self? The inner critic comes from the unknown self. Be kind to this part of yourself and don’t be afraid of yourself. Can learn so much about what hasn’t been nurtured in you. Give yourself the gift of self compassion and kindness!

Farzaneh T.
In the past I ised to try to silence it, ignore it but I think that made it worse. Now I've learned to look at my inner critic as one of my people at the wooden table inside my garden. I've seated another person in there a supportive parent mine is based on my 50 year old kind dad type manager, Robb. I would listen to the critic and respond to them the way Robb would think "well I think you're amazing and you shouldn't be hard on yourself, its ok" and point out all the positive side of things that critic doesn't pay attention to.
That has helped the critic become a person at the table and not taking over and giving me guilt or bad feelings

Hana O.
I don't agree that we should silence our inner critic. It can help you in finding your flaws and work for improvement. Although, we must not let it transform into a fear monger which demotivates you. Having flaws should become an incentive for improvement. Not for giving up.

Reneezing N.
Stay vigilant!!
Do your self care.
Get enough sleep.
Forgive yourself more!!!! A lot more!!!
Stay vigilant with your daily Om stuff. It is helping!!!!
Maybe reduce the fabulous items.

Ignatz G.
I listen to it. Ask myself if I'm being realistic or just hard on myself. And then I do it anyway and see how stupid I was to ever think that way.

Isabelle Y.
I don't. It is something I'm working on, but the silence my inner critic I just don't voice it out loud. That doesn't mean it doesn't affect me, it's all in my head which eventually tires me out. There is no right or wrong answer, but, but keeping myself busy and inspired and in a happy environment, it makes silencing those negative voices just that much easier.

Lilou O.
Honestly, sometimes I try to take the same critique to use to my advantage. For example, if I'm working on something I take that critique, analyse it and see how I can make my work even better.
Or sometimes I think about my situation and the progress that I've done. What I've accomplished so far and I tell myself that patience is key.
Everytging will come to me in due time.

Use the critique if you think it can serve, but pay it no mind if you know exactly where you're going. 🙂

Durbalino T.
I accept the criticism and work on what I feel is wrong (though most of the time it feels like everything is wrong with me), getting validation from people close to me also helps.

Cl A T.
I'm not very good at this, yet. But here are some strategies I apply:
1. Allow the critical voices to exist and listen to them. Don't suppress. But, be sceptical of them. Reveal their fallacies, give rational answers. Understand where they come from and why they say the things they say; understand why they're not rational.
2. Visualize positive outcomes
3. Give myself compliments
4. Give others compliments
5. Be grateful
6. Appreciate how good I have it
7. Be healthy
8. Sleep enough
9. Take enough breaks