How do you find and be committed to your purpose?

Levi E.
Imagine the last day of your life. What do you want that to look like? Whom do you want with you and what do you want around you? So back up to age 50 and how does your life look in support of your last day. Now back up to your age now. How are you living to support that last day? How can you shift the way you you are living your life to support the way you want that last day to look? In this exercise I believe you will develop what you see as the purpose of your life and if you think as to how you want to spend your last day and how you may get there, I believe you will begin to understand why commitment to what you want your purpose to be and actively making that happen is so important. Having said that, your true purpose will only come with life experience.
Bruno S.
Purpose is a journey, understand that. Once found know that your whole person will be on board with it. Yes you will have days where it is harder to pursue but know there will be a fire in you to keep you going.