Do you think your purpose evolves or changes over time?

Diana N.
Absolutely. Or at least, it should. Over time we grow and take more responsibility or less and our focus needs to change to adapt. Now that my kids are grown I am able to focus more on growing spiritually and personally. Before my focus was my children and I didn’t give time to bettering myself.

Nadia N.
I think it absolutely can. Purpose is something internal – it’s based on our individual assessment of who we are and what we can do. That assessment is an ongoing, lifelong task – we need to regularly check in on these points with ourselves as our lives evolve and change. Sometimes, external circumstances force a change in purpose, and that’s okay too. Sometimes, our purpose itself doesn’t change, but the avenue we pursue in fulfilling it changes. The important thing to note is that, as with everything else in life, we have to find the right balance between being steadfast and flexible in conceptualizing and fulfilling our purpose. We need to be resilient in our mindset so we always have a purpose and a way forward.

Maria C.
Sometimes yhe circumstances may change the purpose but at the end the main purpose or goal is the same but the ways of making it are different

Maria C.
So in the morning when I wake up I do a little mediation which helps get started and ready for the day then followed by that I do a quick 10 minute stretch course on this app that gets the body all flexible and stretched out. To the question above I believe my purpose will actually not only change over time but evolve significantly because these habits will form something special that I’ll be able to perform day in and day out with ease and feel good about myself. And I’ll continue to challenge myself also setting new habits and whatnot.

Sally S.
Of corse it is because when you grow up you must will change your mind and that'll make your goals and purpose wiser than before

Honey Z.
Yes it does evolve. Cause over time you gain in perspectives, new understanding and knowledge. Some of which make you realise that what you thought was your purpose was someone else words or pool in more knowledge on how to frame what you think your purpose is.

Jay Z.
Depending on the person, and the task at hand, someone's purpose can change.
Or perhaps not. It is something that I too would like to know.

Rob G.
I had the same question recently when reading a passage from Choose Yourself by James Altucher:

"The fear that comes from not knowing what to do with our lives is a great source of stress. Yet there’s no reason to worry: some of the world’s most successful people didn’t find their true purpose until much later in life." in Choose Yourself – James Altucher on Blinkist

This suggests that stressing over your “purpose” is quite pointless. Indeed, some people never find their purpose. For that reason, it’s far more important to enjoy yourself and your life and do whatever work pleases you." – Choose Yourself by James Altucher on Blinkist

This makes sense, but is it possible that these “successful people” always had a conscious purpose driving them, but it shifted with time?

Livio Q.
i was trying so hard to follow all the rules for my daily challenge but i got bored or couldn’t followed as the time passed by. It didn’t even last for a week so i want to try all over again and hopefully i can make it this time