Is it your purpose or someone else’s your trying to do for them?

Geneva F.
That’s a really interesting question. Your purpose is personal. It can be to help others, but making your sole focus helping another person, even your children, can be dangerous to both you and them. I’d rather be motivated by my love of that person to guide me in helping them.
When it comes to your purpose, it has to be the meaning of YOUR life. That could be to lovingly raise a child or serve others. It could be to find and spread peace. Mine goes like this: Face my fears, be passionate, be creative, love with all my self, and search for and spread peace. How I do those things day to day changes, and sometimes I just do one thing. And that’s great. That’s still a life well lived and lived with purpose to me. Lots of times, loving and supporting my family counts for that thing, but I know if I was all alone tomorrow I could still enact my purpose. Good luck with figuring out what things give your day to day life meaning and beauty. I wish you well with all my love. -G
Emil N.
It is my purpose. I’ve spent too long focusing on what I thought others expected of me. Lost that connection to deeper parts of who I am and what I want. Now remembering and ready to curiously uncover what is inside of my Self.
Mindy N.
This is 100% for me, or trying to figure out how to do something good for myself. Make decisions for me, and not because its better for someone else I love. Maybe find what I actually want