How do I stay realistic when finding my purspose?

Noga P.
I try to think of what would happen when i do find my purpose and hpw it affects me , what i can and cannot do when trying to accomplish things and having good purposes i try to think more time ahead
Asta W.
I’m not sure. I think what I need to do is be unrealistic and dream big, because otherwise I’ll stop myself from even recognizing any desires or hopes or wishes. I can bring myself back to earth later
Robyn Z.
I just think like what do I need to do what will help me like if I pick something stupid I will make it better and more officent2
Vasilena C.
By grounding myself. I now begin to see what I really want, once I realize what feels at peace for me. By trusting myself and the present moment, recognizing when I am focusing on the "now" and when not. When understanding where I am right now, especially recognizing fantasies that distract me from my true self – ideas I have put higher than me, things that devalue me. It isn't an easy job to do and sometimes it's disappointing for that egoistic side everyone of us is thought to believe should be served. I am sure that what I truly want will never sound just like a fairy tell that someone will tell somebody else. I am far from the idea my purpose is related in any way to how I will look only and what words will be told at the end of it. No, I know my purpose is greater than just a story to tell – because it is an experience that deserves its own language to be told in.
Albaraa U.
Train your imagination muscle by doing the exercise of zooming in and out.. close your eyes and take deep breaths then just see yourself standing sitting or lying down whatever your current position then zoom out into the room then the house then the cross then the neighbourhood then the city the country the earth the space.. then zoom in back into your body then inside your skin then cells then the most smallest part within you.. then zoom out into your body
Brok V.
To find the purpose you have to like yourself better and to get realistic to not imagine something that you can't do and work on yourself be healthy and be positive
Alice P.
It comes with the experience of trying to improve. You will naturally have to get up and do it all over again on repeat or get up and readjust. Throughout the journey you realize that most of the strength gained actually comes FROM these moments, the moments where we must get up and try again, or get up and rethink the plan. Even sometimes we start to draw up a new plan till we realize it wasn’t the plans fault it was just a matter of time, that we just need to keep moving and keep trusting the process.
Kiara E.
Dream big! Write it down, then break it into small steps to achieve it, then break those down, and so forth until your left with such a simple task to do its manageable! One step at a time, or moment at a time. Do what pleases your heart and something you'd wake up everyday and do free if you weren't going to be paid for it. Hope that helps! 💛
Nina E.
Don't worry about what is realistic – just focus on what you most want out of life, and what is most important to you. This is the time to go big! You don't know what is or isn't realistic until you try, and often big things are more in reach than we think they are if we put in the work consistently. If you want something, you first have to have a vision of what that thing is. It's really important not to hold yourself back in that imagining.

Forget realistic. What is it you long for? Who is your best self, what are they like, and what are they doing, thinking, and feeling?

Then figure out the smallest simplest thing you can do today that moves you towards that purpose. Do that thing. Then figure out what the next smallest thing is, and do that next, or tomorrow. Keep at it. With momentum building, soon you'll be able to do more than one small simple thing at a time.

Fateme W.
I guess consulting with an expert could be helpful. Plus, I should have known my abilities in advance to evaluate the situation if I could reach to my goals or it is impossible. Not being realistic would hurt my soul and future afterwards.
Sangeetha C.
You can visualise it often and also… Just focus on what you want and think about it again and again you will get whatever you mind sets on. For finding your purpose you can try ikigai methods.. Identify in which you are good at and think about it as if you got that… You will for sure one day will get that
Esha Q.
Just do what you love and think how can doing this thing impact your life you want….just tale a deep breath and really think about your purpose and how it will impact you…
Viktoria X.
I try to keep in mind that I likely put to much or in a way to big certain purposes, so I think really small and focused, detailed tasks or intentions will do it.
Duke G.
Think of how you feel when thinking of your purpose, then write down everything you need to do in order to achieve that purpose. Now.. this is important, focus on one thing from that list and do it until you're great at it, then add one more. The journey to 1000 miles is completed by one step, then another.
Christy C.
Just think about the thing that make you happy And the reason why you started there must be some valid and strong reason because of which you started and remember the first day when you started and you will feel the same zeal and enthusiasm
Camila M.
First be kind to yourself and allow you to understand that everything is a process. It's okay if you start with small goals, things that you can implement in your day to day while you acquire discipline and the beautiful celebration of fulfilling yourself.
Danielle F.
getting help is already a huge step, doing smaller tasks that help you find what you find enjoyable is great. finding your purpose just takes a lot of trial and errors find stuff you enjoy and are happy doing.
Filippo E.
Part it into tinier steps. Thus, you will have more realistic and bearable goals. It will become easier for you to focus on each step accordingly, rather then observe a whole purpose and do different kinds of things simultaneously. Learning Japanese is difficult, but learning it's alfabets – the first step – is much easier to complete and accurate to comprehend.
Manvi F.
To stay realistic while finding your purpose makes the purpose more achievable… But on the topic to how to stay realistic is know better of your surroundings be aware of what's around you and what type of people are you surrounded by and what type of things are available to youuu and also like what kind of state you are in right now and most importantly be gentle with yourself don't rush anything because even if you don't feel like you are making progress but in reality yes you are making progress but just slowly
Geovani W.
A good way to remain realistic when finding purpose is to use the [S. M. A. R. T.] model. To question whether the desired purpose is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time specific.