Why is it so difficult for people to find purpose?

Ava T.
I’m not sure but I think it’s because it’s a struggle between the body and soul. #The answer of course has beyond life implications which the person often senses but fails to include in his personal definition of purpose.
#seeing is believing may be the body’s motto
# believing in a higher power or Golden Rule involves a struggle and a continual adjustment of learning which some poeople shun But brings greater happiness
Nadia G.
I believe it is because we collect a lot of criticism in our lives and not all of us are equipped to deal with this overload of negativity and we begin to believe we have no self worth or value especially when some of the criticisms come from our loved ones who are close to us. It can make you feel like a purpose was handed out to everyone but you and you have to watch the show. I don’t know if this is true but maybe it is harder to overcome a memory of someone we love hurting us on a deeper level than to just be and do as we should…
Markus F.
In life, things are never straight forward, you feel there are many things you must do. Responsibilities. Duties. We are raised to anticipate the onset of undue burdens but to also seek passion. Haven’t you been asked, if you were a millionaire what would you do? But in reality, when you live there is only one thing you MUST do, and that is die. Those are the absolutes. Yet to coexist with other people and to press on, we delude ourself with expectations and anticipation. Each step on a path carved before us, unknowing that we could work a path of our own choice. Coming to peace with defying expectation and forgoing all the ‘should’ in our life, you will start to make space for the path of your own choice.
Ruben Z.
Purpose is elusive because we often carry the baggage of our past, all of the shoulds we’ve absorbed, and the pressures of culturally assigned roles and responsibilities. All of these things tend to crush our ability to be authentic and without fear making delving into ourselves and exploring our personal goals and dreams difficult. Taking time to explore our inner hopes and dreams without sanctioning our thoughts and emotions leads us towards understanding our purpose in the moment. Bear in mind life is constantly changing and our purpose today may be different in the future. This is all part of the journey of developing an authentic life.
Bar O S.
I think it’s difficult for so many people to find purpose because finding your purpose means finding yourself and there’s so many distractions in life and different directions you can take that all lead to the same final destination
Paolo C.
Purpose can be difficult especially for those battling mental health.
Sometimes purpose is there but being consistent about purpose is a daily battle.
Obstacles, Negative Environment distractions can all put a dent so to speak
I struggle with purpose
Sometimes I can be focused on purpose
Unfortunately there are days I feel so overwhelmed in my environment that it’s so challenging to see purpose
Axel S.
Life feels so overwhelming and exhausting it feels impossible to stop and take time out to examine yourself and determine your purpose. It’s well worth the effort.