Could you provide some inspirational tools (I.e. quotes …)

Isabelle Y.
My best friend once said, very drunk, "life's coming at you with it's pants down" and in our drunken state we couldn't stop laughing but really there is some heaviness in what she said. Don't take life so seriously. It may seem serious and full of tests but you have one life and you can't always make the "right" decision or what is morally right. Have some fun, laugh, mess about. Make the most of it

Mrs Queen N.
yes stay focused try to clear your mind except the negative appreciate the negative appreciate every part of your body the good and bad appreciate life.

Laura C.
I find using the calm app helps, I use it for meditation and relaxing music and also pod casts for motivation and used alongside fabulous and the pretence of taking everything one small step at a time, if I find something hard I just keep breaking it down until it easy and really beneficial

Kelly F.
I’m no stranger to the rain. I’m a friend of thunder, friend is it any wonder lightening strikes me. I’ve fought with the devil, got down on his level, but through it all I’ve withstood the pain. I’m no stranger to the rain. By Keith Whitley

Brandy W.
I have found creating a vision board can help keep your goals in one place in the form of pictures and/or words & phrases and can remind you daily what you’re striving for. I created one digitally and have it as my desktop background so I see it every day when I turn on my computer.
Also, keeping a gratitude journal can also show you how much the little things actually mean and help inspire you to accomplish bigger goals or visions.
Placing self affirmations in visible places you can see on a daily basis and repeating them to yourself is another way to inspire yourself and release self doubt or negativity.

Violet O.
Hello there! Something I really like to do is search for quotes channels in social networks like Instagram and Twitter. Someone I find very inspiring and not trite, for example, is Alan Watts, an "eastern philosophy" teacher from the 1960s/70s. There are no easy answers from him, even if they are simply worded. One I like: 'Faith is, above all, openness: an act of trust in the unknown.'