How do you know you’re living a life of purpose?

Felix Z.
Being grateful for the life I have and my partner and
Friends. Purpose is my job helping people who are just lost in many ways. I have been lost in the past in many ways. Letting the demons of addiction and depression taking over. My purpose is to be compassionate and also not to listen to the inner critic so much.

In many


Nellie O.
Life Purpose in general is an anointing from up above. It is aligned with your values and character. A life in purpose is a state of blissfulness experience, a continues pursue of something that doesn’t make you tired afterall. It can also be a passion and the same time a contribution to other people. A source of burning desire to serve other people. It’s a relentless pursue of happiness that seek to contribute to humanity.
Terrence F.
Du vet det, om du har en känsla av att livet är för kort. En känsla av att vilja leva, vilja se mer. Du vet det, när det ibland pirrar i kroppen och du sprudlar. Du vet det när du längtar efter morgonen.
Mia E.
Je sais que je vis une vie utile si elle me permet de servir les autres, d instiller l énergie de paix et d amour autour de moi pour que les gens puissent donner leur meilleur et se voir sous leur meilleur jour
Adrien Y.
Everyday people depend on me, and come to me. They miss me when I am not there and are happy when I am there. I help People with out knowing it, just by being myself. That is how I know I have some sort of purpose in my life. But everyone is different in a beautiful way.