Has your purpose ever surprised you, and how?

Marc N.
Yes. I often think of myself as quite a selfish person and instinctively thinking of others doesn’t come naturally to me, but I’ve realised that it is my relationships with others and the feeling of giving and receiving love that makes life so worth it.

Isabelle J.
Not really, so much has happened in my life in such a short space of time, it makes it hard sometime to focus really on what my purpose fully is. Firstly I am a father to my son and after that everything else follows. I have been guilty of not putting my family first. That is about to change!

Mabel X.
The goal I had wasnt surprise how I would get there was. I think that is the art of the desire, not knowing how you will get there is what makes it so desirable if we knew how to get there we would get bored.

Sarah Y.
In short, yes it has! I have surprised myself too, I have made a career change and most days recently I’ve never been happier.
I am going through the process of becoming a certified caregiver and have discovered just how healing a soft spoken voice and firm but gentle communication can be very healing.

Alina E.
Didn't actually get the question, but I'll try:) I've noticed that sometimes I wish something not in a streight way, but somewhere in background, like "it would be nice to happen". And often such thing all of a sudden are happening even witgout any concious affort. That's kind of surpruse:)