What do you do when you feel a little disconnected from your purpose?

Sonja Y.
Reevaluate. Where do you want to end up? Who do you want to be? You have certain tasks and responsibilities to do now in order to become who you want to be. If you could be put on autopilot mode and just watch yourself do all the responsible, productive things what would that look like? And do that! Make your tomorrow self proud of what’ve you accomplish today.
Noah E.
If your feeling disconnected from your purpose, now is a good time to get still and analyze why. Are you not feeling fulfilled? Are you stressed? Have you lost a bit of yourself? Best way to start the process is by taking the time to meditate. Sit in a quiet place and focus on the breath. After that, do something nice for yourself so you can get back to you. Take a spa day, go for a hike, whatever it is that is a treat in itself and just for you.
Dianne S.
I devote some time to do a contemplative meditation and I ask myself questions and search for answers and solutions in my own mind that promote and encourage reconnection. I may ask myself why, why is this my purpose and why do I feel disconnected and what do I have to do to reconnect. I then search externally for inspiration. I think about all that I love about my purpose. I reconnect with that feeling of love and fulfillment that living my purpose produces. It’s that joyful feeling that ignites the fire and fuels taking appropriate actions. There may be a physical disconnection but first there was an emotional disconnection. Once the emotional connection is made, then it fuels the energy and motivation for the physical connection. The emotional connection releases chemicals and hormones in the brain that motivate and encourage movement forward in the direction of what you love and truly enjoy. If that feeling of love and enjoyment is maintained, things begin gradually shifting to resonate with how you feel and move in the direction of fulfilling your purpose. It’s a matter of choice. What do we choose to entertain in thought, feeling and taking action towards. But it’s the emotional feeling weather pleasant or unpleasant that releases the autonomic nervous system chemicals that promote some kind of change and shift in energy and connection and disconnection.
Kim E.
Connect with it! I set a timer for 20 minutes and get started on something. Then at the end I might not have anything to show but I've dedicated that time and if I come back to it the next day I might be able to do something! 20 minutes isn't long, but it's enough to spark some new ideas and meaning.