How long is your purpose for? One week? A lifetime?

Osvaldo E.
I have a short term goal – find my apartment and Dentist . Settled into HK

My mid-term goal – to publish so that I can get my professorship

My long term goal – have enough savings for my retirement and build a home with Shelly

Quentin E.
My purpose is to concentrate more on my studying and to have a better result at the last day of my university .
Study smart everyday until the day i graduate.
Also my purpose is to be productive eveyday without any distraction and to be inspired by my effort and passion.
I love to maintain a simple lifestyle but when life is challenging, all i will have to do is to persevere to all obstacles that life brings to us. Every test that life brings is " this too shall pass " once in our life.
My main purpose is quite dynamic and quite long .

Tina T.
I believe a soul purpose is always going to be a life long thing, as we grow the meaning of purpose will change for us as we change with it. As of right now I have a sense I know my soul purpose which is to help as many people possible that I can, hence why I want to be a nurse but on the other hand I feel as if there is no purpose to my life. I think that’s okay but I want to have a purpose so I guess it’s time to create my future purpose and stop hanging on to the past

Elisa C.
I need to have a purpose for a life time otherwise what's the point? I'm not getting younger and I need to keep myself well for the future.

Elias Z.
Purpose is for life. Purpose is a vision and the drive to get you to it. Purpose is whatever lifts and rises. Purpose is pure. And purpose is vitality.

Louna O.
I want to change my lifestyle and that's probably gonna take months. However I think that when I'll be ready to do it by myself I won't have this app anymore because I want to continue having this habits.

Norma O.
I set up a tub of Greek yoghurt and mixed berries with a handful of oats, overnight in the fridge and take it to work with me. Very nice and satisfying.

Abi N.
Purpose itself means "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists." Your purpose depends on you and the way you think about the present and the future you. If you are contented then you might choose a lifetime purpose, but if you're still finding what fulfills your soul then choose the short term and see if that works for you. Personally I choose the lifetime purpose. I know I can commit and I have developed a sense of contentment with anything I have and anything that may come and go. It's just how you look at things from your perspective. It's you see and appreciate things. Living life with a purpose wakes you up every morning feeling determined, powerful and have the sense of control, even if things don't go as you plan or thinggs don't come your way you'll still be able to get back on track because you have a purpose, where your mind is, is where your body is. We have the total control of our emotions and the way we think, we cannot control what will happen next, but rest assured that if you believe that you have a purpose everything will matter, everything will have a meaning and motive. Even our sufferings has a purpose. It's to strengthen us. Just make life worthwile while you're alive.

Julia Q.
A lifetime purpose and weekly purpose is very different to each other. The weekly purpose is setting up little goals that will help you to grow up with different experiences. A lifetime purpose is the only purpose you will carry out in every parts of your life. A weekly purpose can be at least 7 days but lifetime is unknown since everyone’s lifespan is different.

Tim J.
My poropus is for me and my well being I love to Ben calm and collected but things will sometimes stop me but not today or ever again

Nicole F.
A lifetime; and I believe we have many purposes. It depends on opportunity and timing as well as the innate purpose to know ourselves.

R Bia Q.
I just want a happy life to be honest, I'm trying to build a routine to obtain that…does anybody read this answers? Oh well who knows, if somebody's reading this Hi stranger! Just try and be happy, you deserve to be in this world and you deserve joy

Emily C.
I'm looking for a transformation and not a change. I have tried several times to implement my goals before and sometimes failed, sometimes achieved.

I realized one of my mistakes was to hurry. I invested lot of energy to begin. The enthusiasm lasted for a little while and then died out. This time, I'm trying to take the pace that lasts long. Slow and steady wins the race; seems like this might be true.

Don U.
I want to follow my goal for a lifetime. I want to become a better version of myself, until I'm satisfied with it. I want to do it for myself, to feel happier about myself, as well as for my boyfriend. I want to make him the happiest man, and I feel like it would work easier if I was satisfied about myself.

Gregory E.
I want to start my journey and continue until i die. It’s very important to me to live e life with good energy and with a mission. I’m here to make a world a better place to live

Carly N.
It depends. It can be any length of time i think. The important thing is that you check in with yourself to make sure your purpose still resonates with you. It is normal to experience growth that might change your perspective on life and this might mean your purpose changes too. There are symptoms when your purpose is out of alignment that usually resemble symptoms of depression and anxiety. You’ll probably feel ungrounded and unhappy with your life. This is your cue that it’s time to re-evaluate your purpose.

Beth P.
I don't really understand your question but I assume you were asking about how long my purpose gonna last for, well if me I have a lot of different purposes. If it was about school then it's gonna last for the school time, if it was about work then it's gonna last for job time, if it's about my character and improvements it's gonna be a lifetime. All of it depends on what is it about for me.

Cameron B.
I have a written goal that is meant to be life long, but I havent practically integrated into my weekly actions or intentions. I need to try to set separate weekly and daily goals, and need to make sure they align with my life goals and purpose.

Emma Y.
You should have multiple goals in your life: short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals can be things like ‘read a book this week’. But they can also be sub-goals to achieve your long-term goals. Long-term goals take at least a year to achieve. A long term goal could be: “Start a company specialized in producing educational courses” and a short-term sub-goal for this could be: “Learn how to set up a website”.

I create goals for each year (or beyond), each week (some meant to make progress on a long-term goal) and each day (to achieve my weekly goals).

For more information on goals, search for SMART goals on the internet. I think that those (in combination with a planning method, like the Bullet Journal method) will help you be more productive.

Edna Z.
a life time
I have high standards and I know myself…if I don't fulfill them I'll be depressed same as the past , so a life time

Lucas N.
Well this is definitely a lifetime change for me. I wish to stay healthy by gradually learning and sticking to healthy habits

Alice S.
It just kind of depends on whether your purpose is a vague thing like helping people, which is something you would do your whole life.

Clife Z.
It's for a lifetime, but specifically an emphasis for the next 3 years while I travel with seasonal jobs throughout the states (and hopefully internationally!)