What do you do if you have a series of habits that are preventing you from attaining your goals?

Harvey O.
Usually I have done nothing but I am trying to change my ways. I think it's all about motivation not habits. I have gotten into the habit of not doing anything and being sad and I actaully don't think I am. Of course there will be times I am but I don't think I'm depressed anymore I'm just changing. I need to change my ways to fit my current circumstances. What I should do is force myself to get up and do stuff as then I will naturally change
Gerald J.
It is really hard to get rid of your habits in the beginning. Self-control is the key and it can be practiced. The start is the hardest, but if you can control yourself once, you will find it easier for the second time. To practice self-control, I like to drop down my daily successful self-control story in my journal, which makes me feel great and satisfied, and encourage me to do it more. Eventually, you will find self-control easier and easier, and you will get rid of your bad habits. I used this method to get rid one of my bad habits recently and I am trying this on my other habits.
Joanneke E.
Ik probeer ze, stuk voor stuk te elimineren door ze te vervangen door gewoontes die het behalen van mijn doelen ondersteunen.
Joanne O.
If I have a series of habits preventing me from attaining my goals, I have to identify each of those habits. Once identified and broken down, I remove each one from my routine. It is easier to break a habit by removing the triggers that lead me towards that habit and recreate an environment that would instead trigger me to complete the small tasks that lead me towards attaining my goals.
Adam U.
Take the time to meditate for a while, and then ask your childhood self, with patience and love, when those habits started. Then ask them who does it serve that you have those habits?