How do I know the purpose of my life?

Alexia E.
I have found my purpose and that is the thing that keeps
Me going, a friend asked me what I absolutely good what and I love in my life. That’s my child and my purpose. I am creative and am grateful to call it my job. A passion that leads me to purpose.
Zeriah U.
You don't need to have a clear cut idea for the purpose of your whole life. But setting goals for your future and working towards those goals with everyday actions can add a lot of meaning behind your actions, and act as a driving force.
Heshna O.
You must start with your goals, like where do you see yourself in 5 years from now. Your goal does not have to be a career goal. An example would be reaching a certain weight while working out.

You should also focus on doing things that make you happy. If something isn't making you happy, then figure out a way to change whatever you are doing until you are happy with it. It's okay to make changes in life. That's how you will eventually find the purpose of your life. It's okay to take your time.

Rico N.
In scripture, when Elisabeth was pregnant with John and saw Mary, pregnant with Jesus, walking up to her home, she states her baby lept in her womb. What is it that makes your symbolism baby leap? What brings you such joy and feels so right that the spirit inside of you even leaps? There’s your purpose.
Radwa S.
My purpose of my life is being successful, happy in my life, having a good relationship with friends and family and having a good commettent with the guy who please me
Neva S.
I googled it, in particular the difference between purpose and goals. I believe the distinction is that the purpose just IS, and it doesn’t really change. But goals are achieved and thus change over time. The way I think of it is that purpose is the bedrock of what gets you excited to get out of bed every morning.