What do you put in place to follow up your habit and not loose sight of the end goal.

Alison Z.
I make sure I note something about it so I'm held accountable for doing it because if there is note then I'll know I haven't done it. This is also a good way to remember what you have done for the day.

Melquisedeque P.
Focus and determination. I came to a point and realized I am the only one responsible for myself. I kept complaining about how I looked and felt instead of solving the issue…I had to place a strict rule for myself, reduced friends and alcohol, social media and carbohydrates. I’m still in the process and I know the result would be excellent.

Gabriela N.
Building a habit that works for you is probably the best thing you can do.
My routine includes: morning hygiene, juicing for breakfast, journaling and planning my day; keeping my goals as part of my daily habit is key for my success.
I won't pretend that i don't backslide sometimes. I've been doing great for 3 years, but there are days, sometimes several days in a row, that i just need some down time without any pressure or expectations. Everyone needs down time. Do what works for you and try not to beat yourself up when you need a short break.
Routine and habit.

Joana P.
Well self love & accepting why I love my self. You can’t go wrong with loveing you’re self for makeing a free willed choice to be extra. Or above average.

Nellie Z.
Gentle reminders work best for me. I either write something in my journal for myself to read the next morning, write lists of daily chores and goals, or set reminders on my phone to do certain things.

H N.
It is important to have reminders of the end goal, but also make it easier for yourself to do what you’re trying to do. Figure out what any barriers are and try to address them. Making something easy and turning into a habit is the best way to stay on track.