How do I decide what my purpose is if I’m so unsure and undecided?

Heather F.
I'm honestly still trying to figure that out. What really brings the pure essence of who you really are, and what you really want. Search inside yourself.
Tha S Y.
Your purpose today may be different than tomorrow, and will probably be different with the seasons of life. Maybe your purpose now is to experience the journey of finding it? Often, it's not the end result that matters but the life lived getting there! You're doing the right thing reaching out for input, and after gathering some perspectives, only you will know your own truth, keep it up!
Princesa Y.
One can have several purposes. Not necessarily a single purposes, but several. These can be explored easily but the exploration does take time and some money. Volunteering is a good method to use. Volunteering has many opportunities from feeding hungry people to the humane society to religious organizations or with home builders situation s and beyond. The money involved is largely with transportation.

Another method of exploration is the local tech or university. They offer testing to find interests a person has. Most of these are at no cost. Religious organizations are also with interesting positions.

People have four basic areas. The spiritual, the intellectual, the physical and the emotional. Simply by core investigations one can find which area gives them an emotional interest. Some enjoy the positive emotions of the physical over the other two. Some prefer the emotional positives of the intellectual over the other two and some prefer the spiritual over the other two. Then there are those who have no preference except to find something to support themselves and the family.

I hope you find several purposes and your interests soon. The best is when at least one of those purposes o can be a money supporting interest.