What is a purpose habit?

Rom Y.
From my own understanding and my own personal use of the Think About My Purpose habit, it’s to develop the habit of devoting time to think, contemplate and self-reflect about how I will live my life, my personal contributions and how I will live that day with purpose, my reason or meaning, my motivation or determination and on purpose, with intention, a destination, and with direction. It provides an aim, goal, destination and direction for me to focus on and move forward towards. Also to coordinate my actions, tasks, behaviors and attitude accordingly with my purpose (reason or meaning), what I aspire to live or experience, what I aspire to do and the Being I aspire to Be. So I am able to live the day and my life with purpose instead of living it aimlessly or without direction or meaning or without reason or contribution or without fulfillment or accomplishments. My purpose, whether it be for my life as a whole or day to day, is what gives my life and my days meaning and fulfillment and drives me to be who I am in quality of character and what actions I will take to contribute to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.