How to follow a tight schedule? Can’t just set my routine right! 😞

C Me Y.
Is there a consistently open space in your schedule? If so, use that! If not, consider waking up earlier to accommodate your new goals. That’s what I’ll be doing. (I struggle with the same thing.)
Joyce P.
Set realistic goal
Block out periods of time
You have plenty of time outside work it is just energising myself and motivation
Stephanie T.
Time block your schedule by prioritizing important tasks first and put off tasks that aren’t important throughout the day
Silke A.
I have often tried different options that will cause me to feel less stress mentally. For example, I like to take care of a lot of tasks in the morning versus the evening, so I make sure that my priority tasks are completed first so that my evening comes to a close peacefully.
Mandy X.
At first be happy with just doing them at all, like eaven if it is way too late or really bad. And then work your way towards what you want it to be and it will gett easier along the way
Johanne W.
Are there certain things that take up more of your time during the day? Maybe you can start with those things and save the smaller tasks for the end of the day or somewhere in the middle? Or is there any way that you can tackle those bigger projects by breaking them up into smaller amounts of time throughout the day or even over the course of a few days instead of trying to do it all at once?