How to develop a habit of every day Meditation?

Dera E.
Pick a time when you have nothing going on and commit to spending that time meditating. Driving to work or driving home, early in the morning, during a shower. Or even right before bed.
Silas P.
Wake up early.
Drink water and meditate. The calming music on the app absolutely works for me.
I also use that time to reflect and Pray.
It gives you direction and a sense of accomplishment.
Joana E.
I feel like this goes for every habit, but start small. If you have a hard time focusing or "emptying your mind" use guided meditations and start with short ones. Try to find the best time to do it too, whether it's in the morning, before sleep, on your break after lunch, it's whatever works best for you. You can also start incorporating it throughout your day. You don't necessarily need to sit down with legs crossed in front of your Zen garden to meditate; something I started doing is focusing on my breath to ground myself throughout the day. There's little things you can do even at work (sometimes, specially At work), to ground yourself and calm your mind. Sometimes I'd have the need to do that so I'd simply take deep breaths and focus my attention on it, sometimes even saying some mantras in my head. Doing that throughout the day can help you keeping yourself grounded and calm, even if you haven't managed to sit down and to a 15 minute or so meditation. Remember to start small and see what works the best for you!
Rico N.
Remember if you only meditate for one minute a day, you are raising your awareness of trying to make it a habit. Once you start doing it you will gradually increase your time as you relax into it. One day you will find yourself looking forward to it and still yet one day you will treasure it as a gift. Did you know that a collective group meditating for 12 minutes can lower the crime rate? Meditation is power. You can change your life. You can make life better for others. It is worth a few minutes a day. You don’t have to sit for an hour. It lowers blood pressure, increases coping skills, brings clarity. Start with one minute. What is important to you takes priority. Everyone can create one minute. You will be glad you did. It’s a start.
Miriam O.
I should realize that my mind and my body need to break little bit and believe that it will really help me to control my emotions whic is good to reduce my stress. But, first of all I should commit to love my self more everyday like how I treat someone that I loved.
Allison J.
🌟Find a special place for meditation where you can be comfortable. Maybe you have a meditation altar(coffee table) with a candle.
🌟Start with an easy goal of sitting for just 1-3 minutes every day.
🌟Attach meditation to another daily habit, such as morning devotions, tea/coffee or brushing your teeth.
🌟Try listening to guided meditations or calming music. (Recommend Jason Stephenson from YouTube/Spotify)
🌟Be patient and loving with yourself!