How long do you meditate for everyday and do you notice the difference?

Amy Z.
Most days I meditate 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. TM meditation. Body awareness meditation. Listening to the sounds. Being present in the moment. Does it help? Yes. I respond to chaos, instead of reacting. Much more calmer throughout the day. Thank you for asking this question.
Summer W.
Since I haven't ever meditated before I started off with a small amount of time because of how not used to it I was. I am currently meditating for 3-4 minutes everyday but by the end of my challenge I want to be meditating for over 5 minutes. I do notice a difference when I meditate. I tend to meditate before bed and it helps me calm down and be able to fall asleep. I have trouble with falling asleep at night but meditating helps. It basically let's me think about what happened in the day and reflect. take deep breathes and remember that tomorrow's a new day. Have fun meditating 🤎