How long do you Deep Work for?

Charles Perez
I use deep work when I am procrastinating or to challenge myself. It is something I have to answer to with no pressure. I think it is one my favorite rituals.

Letitia Thompson
I set 25 minute burst if i want to build pace. Other times i will allocate a time slot that I think is needed for the task and get going. A short breathing exercise before starting tends to help me concentrate

Lærke Møller
Among inside then 1 of half I have no idea,cause sometime I would ignore
Clock on deep work until my body is being tried.

Eugene Bates
i work for at least two hours straight per day with no distractions. usually it ends up being longer as i get sucked into my task!

Brit Hermes
Depends on what I’m doing. My deep work changes every few days. The max I’ve done deep work for has been 2 and a half hours.

Naja Christensen
70 minutes. I can start with the 24 min en continue. If I start drifting a force myself to take a break and refuel instead of losing more energiy

Josefine Andersen
If I am able to resist the temptation to look at emails as they arrive I can usually do Deep Work for 2 hours before I need to switch focus for a bit.

Gotthilf Niebuhr
I deep work for at least 45 minutes to 2 hours. I usually start with a short session of 30-45 minutes and then when I reach flow state I can go for much longer 🤗