How do you stick to a strict bedtime?

Rajarshi Z.
Very simple
Discipline, unplug 2 hrs before bed time
I stopped social media 2 yrs back
I switch off mobile and computers 2 hours before bedtime
No excuses whether buisness or pleasure😎
Anne I.
Hmmm, good question, I’m afraid I struggle with that matter myself so I can't give you a perfect answer. What I try to do is put a time lock on my phone at a time I want to start winding down. I use the downtime on my phone to encourage me to put away the flashy lights and social media temptations and only use Spotify, Headspace, Notes, and Fabulous after 23:00. Then I have a ritual of tea, brushing teeth, washing my face, and a short breathing meditation or sleep cast from the Headspace app. I try to set a goal wake-up time to motivate me to go to bed in time, so I won't be so tired the next day. I hope that helps! Kind regards and a good night!
Shannagh P.
Make a bed time routine! I always eat dinner before a certain time and take an hour to wind down afterwards, wash my face, have a glass of water, a cup of chamomile tea, burn some incense, do some yin yoga or meditate. I also have a setting on my phone to make the brightness more yellow so it doesn't strain my eyes. As soon as my eyes start feeling slightly heavy I turn the lights off and get comfy in bed, read a book or listen to a podcast and drift right off. Instead of thinking of it as a strict routine, I think of it as an enjoyable relaxing ritual to ensure a good night's sleep.