How do you fall asleep when you can’t get to sleep?

Alex Z.
Honestly, just take magnesium or fish oil or melatonin. Trying to chill out when my mind is active is a futile pursuit yet it has a straightforward solution :).
Lorena S.
Clare de lune. I play it or a piano soundtrack from my favorite video game or movie and I focus on every note. By focusing on each note and fingering, it keeps me from thinking about other things, and I eventually slip off to sleep. This method also works to help dull pain if you have chronic pain! Clare de lune is defintely medicinal to me when I don't have the option for medicine. Hope this helps!
Sarah N.
Just make up perfect life scenarios OR you can try keeping your eyes closed for a few minutes since that triggers your eyes and mind to relax OR watching your phone for a while