Do you have some good tip for not going back to bed after the alarm has beeped? Sometimes I trick myself believing that it won’t hurt if I lay in bed just a little longer, but then I loose valuable time, eating breakfast for example.

Taylor U.
I think what helps for me is to put my alarm and a water bottle further from my bed so I have to get up. Take a couple sips of water, turn off the alarm, and open your curtains. I find I will be too awake to crawl back into bed at this point.
Addison B.
I think that I used to do this more. I couldn't see the joy in not sleeping. I love to sleep. The calm, the focus, the excitement my dreams offered. I became addicted to this. I forgot about other elements in my daily life that gave me those things.
For me I began to push to be okay with earlier bedtimes. I gave myself the joy of sleep, but then reminded myself of the joy of listening to a podcast before work. Eating breakfast. Taking my time to do my make up. Grabbing a coffee with a friend.
I reminded myself that I didn't have to only choose one thing. I just had to rearrange my schedule a little.
(I am still a sucker for a weekend sleep-in though…but that is a TREAT and I don't beat myself up for it :))