How do you stay focused and mindful while exercising? The more tired I become, the more I lose focus.

Samantha Y.
This is something I struggle with too! I like listening to my favorite music – sometimes that helps me forget how hard I'm working while I exercise. More than that, I really try to visualize my goals and remember how far I've come! I remember how hard it used to be to get out of bed to exercise and remind myself how amazing I am doing! Some days I let myself slack off a little if I'm not feeling it so much, and I remind myself that's okay too because at least I got up and did something!
Lisa Z.
I don't look at how long I have left of my exercise routine as a whole; rather, I focus on the amount of reps I have left of the specific muscle group I'm currently working on. I also let myself slow down or allow myself several seconds of a breather if I am truly exhausted. I give myself credit that I am exercising myself to the point of getting exhausted, something I wasn't doing at all a month ago.
Joann Q.
I try setting a goal and keeping that in mind as I continue. A few years back, it was fitting a dress and building some muscle but now it's to get my brother feeling back to his best self and getting more productive to break the quarantaine laziness. Channel whatever that goal is and believe in it. I've found that the more I work out, the better I feel and the easier it gets (which is another motivation). You can do this!
Matchaon N.
Take rest! And remember the goal you are aiming for. Also try to shut down the distractions while exercising. If you feel like it’s too hard then try more simple stuff, pushing isn’t always good.
Charlotte U.
If it helps, listen to a playlist that you like but would not necessarily ditch the whole workout to dance to. You may find yourself improving and also take breaks and drink water!
Brad N.
Honestly, I don’t really think about a lot of things while I’m exercising. I just say to myself, “one more.” And then, “one more.” Again. Don’t think about how long it’s been or how long you have to go, just say, “one more step. One foot in front of the other. One more.” Keep pushing.
Anna Z.
Focus on how I feel after the excerise, went for a short jog with my son outside because it’s in the 40s and that’s a heat wave compared to what we had been having. The activity having something that I enjoy helps as well.
Samuel P.
I feel that mornings are the best time of the day for sports for me. It's the time when the body is fresh yet the mind is not yet running at full productivity.
Eleanor O.
Think of your fears, your weaknesses, your problems. Be sure that with a focused mind and a ready body you are stronger.
ANother thing that always makes me focus while that is listening to music and podcasts
Libby Z.
I keep thinking to myself… "you are nearly done. Reach your goal" and i keep on upbeat music to keep me in the mood to exercise.
Becky W.
Music is really the key for me. The longer the work out, the more important it is, and the more I turn it up as I go to drown out off-task thoughts! I recommend soca 👍🏼
Hector P.
Food!! You need to eat energy producing food in the morning and like an hour or 2 before you exercise. Oatmeal is great source of slow producing energy food and will last the whole day, its also not high in carbs either, I also put muslie and fruit ontop of my oats for the extra short burst of energy. During the exercise make sure you focus on breathing properly and slowly when you're resting so that you can catch your breath quicker and have more energy for the rest if your workout 🙂
Dave U.
I make sure I am doing an exercise that I enjoy (for me that is baller or Pilates) otherwise I will not do it properly. I also make sure to take deep breath’s to be present, and remembering that this is my way of thanking my body and taking care of it, as well as my soul and mind🐣
Elijah O.
When I am on the treadmill, I try to keep an steady pace as much as possible. Establishing a rhythm enables me to have a calm mind and stay focus. Listening to music
Supports this. Plus by paying attention to the lyrics, it distracts me from the feeling of being tired.
Ir Ne Mari I.
I listen to music but in general I think you just need to ensure that you're not overstraining yourself. If your exercise is too intense for you, your body and mind are obviously going to seek ways to get you to stop. Other than that, find ways that work for you. I cannot stand jogging but I love cycling. I cycle to and from work and basically everywhere I need to go