How do you motivate yourself to meditate each and every day?

Irina N.
I am just getting started with my mediation journey. However, after having practiced several times in the last couple of days I found that what keep me motivated is the feeling I get from it. The sense of lightness and being free from any stress and or negative thoughts. The calming effect the practice has on my body and my mind. As a person who has ADHD it is very difficult to silence my noisy mind and calm/slow my thoughts.
Practicing daily meditation has helped me balance my mood and has helped me be more mindful throughout the day. Because it is still very much a challenge for me to succeed in focusing 100% on the stillness of the session I see it as a challenge which drives me even more to continue and succeed.
Murad Z.
If I don't, I'll think that I am not doing my best that day so I'd feel lazy, tired and bored. Meditation in the mornings are the best. It will change your whole personality. It will make your anger disappear.