How do you manage to fit exercise in to your day? I have 2 young children one of which has special needs and I’m exhausted pretty much all the time. πŸ˜‚

Zoe Y.
I always do it in the morning before everyone else is up. If that’s not possible though then I’d exercise with your kids! Make it fun
Nolhan Z.
I get started on dinner early so I can have kids lay down right on time autistic one give him or her food fan toys soothing light music and non autistic just a tv or a tablet food some toys and they will be calm maybe a bath little one's love baths while they do that also gives you time to exercise I recommend if you don't workout alot yoga and stretching first because it helps your body be ready for beginners and makes your body feel
Ready also try going to sleep at 9 waking up at 8 eat a very good breakfast healthy drink yoga workout shower hair teeth then if kids wake up while you are doing all that give them another bath then when they ready to get out a nice breakfast and tv I compromise with the kids what they like I use what they like against them snacks and tv and autistic him or her run around with you give him or her a snack he or she might sit with the snack or not just let him or her run around while you workout. Hope I helpedπŸ˜‡
Paula U.
You are already getting exercise. While I'm brushing teeth I do stretches, in shower I do squats sometimes a bar to hold onto , while doing activities in he cleaning I turn on music and throw in some dance moves , you are getting exercise my friend
Victoria X.
I would say to do one once you wake up that way you have time to do one. Or you can do one whenever you get a little free time😊